MISS RUBENESQUE 2019 Posted on 16 May 10:05 , 0 comments

Miss Rubenesque is Australia's first and only plus size pageant!

miss rubenesque

This event is here to show the world that all women are beautiful, no matter what size they are, and to promote self love, confidence and body positivity!

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Miss Rubenesque is also the first of it's kind to include ALL plus size women, including Drag Queens, Trans and gender fluid.

Created by Samantha Torrilla, the pageants have been a great success. Currently they are only held in Adelaide, with hopes to take it Australia wide next year.

Beserk is proudly sponsoring this year's Miss Rubenesque. We aim to promote and celebrate diversity and inclusion across all cultures, subcultures and counter-cultures, and support all unique individuals regardless of gender, orientation, age, persuasion, or size!

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