Killstar Casket Carry Cases!

Killstar Casket Carry Cases! Posted on 9 Jul 10:21 , 0 comments

We have the Killstar Casket Carry Cases here at Beserk! 

Travel in style next time you go on a road trip to Transylvania with a hard protective case in a custom coffin mold, collapsible handle, and four wheels so you can be on a constant roll. Adorned with a contrasting silver bat-plaque. With zip closure, multi compartments and just the right size for your carry on!

Check them out below! 

The Casket Blood Carry Case - $189.95

The Casket Holographic Carry Case - $189.95

killstar casket carry case holographic buy

killstar casket carry case holographic buy

Killstar is a dark and edgy lifestyle, comprised of provocative thinking and unconventional ideas. Beserk absolutely loves Killstar, with it being one of our quickest brands to sell out, we want you to get in quick! 

Check out the full range of Killstar items HERE and don't miss out on your chance to fly high in style with Killstar's Casket Carry Cases! 

Beserk xx