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Welcoming Invasion Club! 

Here at Beserk, we strive to provide you with as many options, styles, designs and genres as possible! We are officially Invasion Club's first International distributor!

Invasion Club was founded in 2004 when tattoo artist Hori Benny from Osaka decided to bring two different subcultures together, Otaku and Tattooing. 

With their amazing mix of styles and genres from Street Culture, Club and Anime music, Cosplay, Food and Games, they've created a brand new phenomenon known now as Otattoo!

Invasion Club has brought us some awesome styles, unique designs and amazing quality products! Let's check out some of the products we have for you today! 


A truly alternative, gender-elusive t-shirt featuring the work of renowned tattoo artist Hori Benny, Invasion Club's Classic Animason Tee will have you squealing in Gothic delight. Best part? These are slightly over-sized, so can also be worn as a tee dress!


You will look drop dead cute in this over-sized tee - so go ahead and get a size up and throw your pants back in your wardrobe! Perfect for the everyday kawaii otaku, this top features the artwork of tattooist Hori Benny. With a perfect mix of pastels, the graphic image on the piece really makes a statement.

These are also slightly over-sized, so can also be worn as a tee dress!


Invasion Club's customisable Ita-bag was designed with Otaku in mind!

Features include a holographic pearlescent outer, waterproof clear jelly pocket with zipper, belt loops to attach your nerdy pop culture collectables and charms, adjustable shoulder strap, and inner pockets to store all your secrets!


Before the ever present hentai cloud, there was the well curated obsolete media hentai collection!

If you ever hid one of these in your room from your parents, then you deserve to wear these now!


These Hori Benny designed stickers are a large statement! Made of thick, durable vinyl with a UV laminate that protects from scratching, rain and sunlight, so you can hang it both outside or in!

Invasion Club has amazing designs, high quality clothing, water resistant stickers, over-sized tees and adorable customisable handbags! Check out our  full collection here! ❤️️ 

Don't miss out on your chance to join the Invasion Club with Beserk, where we celebrate your weirdness! ❤️️

Beserk xx