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Haunted Down Under

Haunted Down Under is a series that airs on Amazon Prime and Prime Video following a group of women, Hailey, Celine, Nadine & Caitlin, who investigate the most haunted places in Australia, trying to make contact with the dead while sharing their paranormal experiences with us. 

haunted down under

Beserk is proud to be involved with Haunted Down Under by supplying clothing for one of their episodes from our brands, Killstar & Restyle.

We thought we’d also take the opportunity to ask the Haunted team a few questions about their series and what they do!

When did you guys start up & with who? What's the reason why you created Haunted Down Under? 

"Haunted Down Under commenced as a Live talk show in the beginning of 2018 with Nadine Gray and Caitlin Stewart. We then progressed to live investigations and brought in Hailey Lilley and Briar Ford. Shortly after Celine Mackie joined the team. We created Haunted Down Under to show people our adventures investigating the paranormal and the evidence and experiences we have."

haunted down under

What are all your favourite parts of your work, do you have any spooky stories you'd love to share but have never had the chance to? 

"Our favourite part is capturing good evidence, whether that be a voice speaking to us or photos/videos of possible paranormal anomalies. We love to marry evidence with experience. 

There are so many spooky stories, its very difficult to pick just one!

One of our favourites, as a team, would have been from a dilapidated attic at a haunted Inn at Toowoomba. There was a male spirit in the room with us and even our most skeptic members had an experience up there. You could hear him moaning and groaning!

Another was during Season 1, we investigated and stayed in an old convent in Victoria. It was Hailey and Nadine upstairs in the nun’s bathroom when they attempted to contact the nun who had died there. When they returned to base camp and played back the recording, they heard a nun clear as day talking to them. All of us were too scared to sleep there alone that night! The building was huge and the activity was non-stop. All the usuals, creaking doors, footsteps, an old nun sitting on a chair in one of the rooms and disembodied voices."

haunted down under

When is the next season planned for, where is it based and roughly how many episodes will be produced? 

"We started filming Season 2 in March 2020 however due to Covid 19 we had to suspend filming. We will continue filming as soon as possible! Season 2 will be comprised of 8 episodes with all locations based in Australia."


 Do you have a favourite location that you have filmed or would like to film?  

"As a team we would all agree that Old Beechworth Gaol in Beechworth Victoria is terrifying, and everybody that goes in, comes out with an experience."

old beechworth gaol

 What's the next step for Haunted Down Under? 

"We will be finalising Season 2 which will be available with Season 1 on Amazon Prime and Prime Video. There are some amazing locations coming up which are local to the SE Qld region. We have decided to focus on locations closer to home this season, to showcase some of the amazing locations right on our doorstep."


Celine Mackie (Size 10) is wearing the Killstar Death March Dress in a size SMALL

haunted down under death march dress killstar

Nadine Gray (Size 8) is wearing the Killstar Yuzuki Sun Dress in a size SMALL. 

haunted down under yuzuki sun dress killstar

Caitlin Stewart (Size 12) is wearing Restyles "Future Goth Dress" in a size LARGE.

haunted down under restyle dress future goth

Hailey Lilley (Size 10) is wearing Restyles "Shape Of The Moon Dress" in a size SMALL. 

haunted down under shape of the moon dress restyle

Photography by Nickolas Menez & shot on location at Mt Tamborine.

We can not wait to see what Haunted has planned for us next! With big love from all of us at Beserk, we are so happy to be able to work alongside an amazing group of women and we can't thank them enough for joining us on this adventure. 

Keep up with the Haunted Down Under team here: 

Haunted Down Under on Amazon

Haunted Down Under Youtube

Haunted Down Under Instagram

... and stay tuned for their air dates.


Beserk xx

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