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Introducing 6%DOKIDOKI to Beserk! 

6%DOKIDOKI is a brand opened in Harajuku by Sebastian Masuda in 1995 as a place of expression. The shop concept "sensational cute" means "shocking cute", "over-the-top cute", and "too cute things", and they go out of their way to bring that into every product they have. 

We have so many awesome Kawaii products for you to browse! These cute designs are so unique, you won't find them anywhere else so check out our range below.

The Yummy Yummy In My Tummy T-Shirt (PASTEL)

yummy yummy in my tummy tights and t shirt

This summer, be ready to dive into our new print:Yummy, yummy in my tummy! This print is a wild trip through delicious junk food we can eat all around the world!! A combination of favourites like mouth watering pizzas, sparkling ice cream sundaes, ribbon-wearing tacos, hot dogs that are actual dogs, and of course, Japan's famous onigiri and ramen treats!

MATERIAL: 100% polyester

The Girls Daydream See-Through Camisole Dress (Black)

girls daydream see through camisole dress

Featuring Sebastian Masuda’s lovely and nostalgic Girls Daydream print that incorporates things girls dream about, this camisole dress features a romantic camisole made from a comfortable and elastic polyester accented with frills on the chest together with a long, layered tulle dress for an eye-catching Harajuku-inspired look casual enough for everyday wear. You can add some accessories for a classy look.

MATERIAL: 100% polyester

The Colourful Rebellion Animal T-Shirt

colourful rebellion animal t shirt

An animal print style T-shirt of our Colourful Rebellion design that incorporates different materials and items from around the world is here! This zebra design is a bold, colourful print inspired by cybernetics and the fashion/sportswear of the '90s.

The 6%DOKIDOKI logo wraps around the hemline.

Available in medium (comfortable fit) and large (oversized fit).

MATERIAL: 100% polyester   

The Colourful Rebellion Animal 2-Way Ribbon

colourful rebellion animal print 2 way ribbon

Make any look truly extra with this super big ribbon clip & brooch featuring a playful print from Sebastian Masuda's Colourful Rebellion/Animal series! 

Featuring rounded edges for a super cute aesthetic! Pink Leopard is the animal print for pastel lovers and a perfect complement to Lolita outfits. 

Features both a hair clip and pin fastening so you can wear this ribbon in your hair or pin to your outfit!

MATERIAL: Polyester

The Colourful Rebellion Origami Paper

colourful rebellion origami paper

Have you ever seen more colourful origami paper? Special origami paper set of Sebastian Masuda’s artworks, in five eye-catching Colourful Rebellion designs (Thank You All, Daydream, Desire, Jealousy, and Destroy) You, of course enjoy folding origami, but also it is useful as colourful background for taking photos, and really popular for a souvenir as well.

MATERIAL: Japanese traditional paper

The Thank You All Key Chain Charm

thank you all mini mascot key chain charm

Easily add kawaii Harajuku charm to any look with this mini mascot keychain charm!

From Sebastian Masuda’s art project “Time After Time Capsule", this mini version of the popular keychain bear is sporting the “Colorful Rebellion -Thank You All-" pattern with a stuck-out tongue and different colored ears. It’s the perfect balance of pop and cute!

MATERIAL: Polyester 

The Desire Bear Mascot Clip & Brooch

desire bear mascot clip and brooch

This is the third version of the popular clip and brooch teddy bear from Sebastian Masuda's Time After Time Capsule project!

Like before, the teddy bear is sticking out his tongue and has different colored ears, but this time it features Colorful Rebellion - Desire -, an eye-catching and bright neon collage featuring everything girls desire including sparkles, candy, toys, and more. You can wear it two ways: clipped to an item (example: hat or bag) or pinned to your outfit as a brooch!

PLEASE NOTE: The pattern will slightly differ in appearance due to the different cuts of the patterned fabric used, making each one extra special and one-of-a-kind!

MATERIAL: Polyester

The Honey Kitty Choker (Black)

honey kitty choker black

This choker is bound to add that sweet touch you’re looking for! The colours appear brilliant thanks to the shimmery bow and strap - plus it also comes with a lovely little bell to alert everyone to the cutest person around! 

PLEASE NOTE: Includes one choker in black.

MATERIAL: Polyurethane, lame, metal alloy

The Honey Kitty Choker (Lavender)

honey kitty choker lavender

This choker is bound to add that sweet touch you’re looking for! The colours appear brilliant thanks to the shimmery bow and strap - plus it also comes with a lovely little bell to alert everyone to the cutest person around!

PLEASE NOTE: Includes one choker in lavender.

MATERIAL: Polyurethane, lame, metal alloy

The Neon Spectrum Patch Shoulder Bag

Neon Spectrum Patch [Black] | SHOULDER BAG

A 2-way shoulder bag made of the original Neon Spectrum print that features neon colors and printed gem studs. It’s also decorated with original, pop-art style patches for a super cute look. Adding a colorful pattern to an outfit is always a good mood booster! You can carry it not only on your shoulder, but as a tote bag too with the shorter handles. Inside is a convenient small pocket to hold your keys, smartphone, or other small necessities.

MATERIAL: 100% cotton (Canvas Fabric)

The Unicorn Earring (Neon Pink)

unicorn neon pink earring

Here is the very definition of fabulous! This earring is a 3D effect neon unicorn jumping through your ear!! It is 1.2in. long and 0.6in. wide, and comes in the most Neon Pink we could find. Get two unicorns to match or choose something entirely different for your other ear for a cool asymmetric look! 

PLEASE NOTE: Includes one single earring. 

MATERIAL: Epoxy resin, alloy

The Cupid Earring

cupid earring

Cupid’s arrow can find you anytime and anywhere, and it could hit you in the most unexpected of places, such as your ear! 

This kawaii statement earring includes some pink and rhinestones to make it more dramatic, and the back of the earring is actually shaped like the tail of an arrow. What could make your heart pound if not this? Don't forget to choose something cool for your other ear! It has been designed to look cute on guys too!

It gives a cute impression seen from the front and a cool striking impression when seen from the side. We chose simple colors (pink x silver) to fit with any outfit and be worn on a daily basis.

PLEASE NOTE: Includes one single earring. 

MATERIAL: Rhinestone, alloy

Come discover girl-culture from the center of Harajuku that will stir your imagination and make your heart beat for 6%DOKIDOKI! 

Find the full collection of 6%DOKIDOKI HERE!

Beserk xx

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