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Hello Beserkers! Hope you all have had a glorious week, and if not then here's something that will lift your spirits! We are having a take 10% EXTRA off on sale homeware items!!¬†ūüíóūü•≥ This means a justified home makeover, who doesn't love sprucing up their crypt for some added magickal flair, I know we do!! Let's dive into what we have available for you guys in the sale section! xx


Let's start in everyone's favourite room (not the kitchen lol) - Bedroom! 

 On sale for a limited time only grab some cute and creepy bedroom décor and some bedding for your coffin! A variety of Hells Blankets quilt cover sets are available for up to 50% off, not to mention how spooky and soft they are! Our top fave quilt sets are the Creature of the Night and the Kitsune Horrors sets. You can see why down below! 

 Creature of the night

 Kitsune horrors

But why stop there? Grab some bits and bobs for your room too! Grab an awesome pentagram mirror from Gothic Gifts for a little level up in your room! You can even grab some items to jazz up your altar while you're at it too, grab a Gothic Gifts' alter cloth and some gorgeous spell candles from Magic Spell candles to revive your altar space! 

Pentagram mirror

 Eternal Candles

¬†Time to spice up the kitchen!! Because where else do we spend all of our time?¬†ūüíĖ

Who doesn't love the kitchen? Home of food and wine and also everything AMAZING! So why not turn your kitchen from drab to fab with some serious on sale kitchen d√©cor pieces!?¬†ūüíĖ With this stunning coffin wine shelf from Gothic Gifts everyone in your crypt will know¬†exactly 'witch' way the wine is!¬†ūüėČ Regardless of how many mugs you may already own you can never have enough! Especially considering that these ones are so cute and also on sale!! Who doesn't want that?!¬†ūü§©

Coffin wine shelf

 Celestial Mug

Finally, onto the living room! The second best place to take a nap!¬†ūüíó

Why not level up your living room to look as cool as the rest of your crypt? I mean it is a pretty popular room as everyone is always in it! So let's see some of the awesome sale pieces available to jazz up your living room!¬†ūüíó This adorable Killstar Kitty Power vase is too cute to pass on, just chuck a plant pal (fake or real) into this one and your living room is already looking so amazing! How about some cute wall art? This awesome Salem witch house print by Lively Ghosts will spookify any part of your house (if that's what you're after of course!) and just add that little more of a homey touch needed for your crypt!¬†ūüíó

Kitty power


salem witch house print

Now of course I don't want to spoil what other awesome goodies are on sale so I'll leave it there! I hope these ideas helped y'all style some of these amazing sale catches and that you check out what we have available for your crypt! Don't forget to use the code - HOME10 for an EXTRA 10% off and remember to stay spooky!¬†ūüĖ§

- Beserk xx  

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