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Deathrow Unchained is fighting to save all animals from death row, neglect and abuse.

Deathrow Unchained is 'helping to break the chains' of animal neglect and abuse by saving animals that would otherwise have been slaughtered or continually abused.

The sanctuary is run fully by volunteers with a passion for animal rights activism.

Deathrow Unchained is located in Burbank QLD, where they regularly have open days where you can go and wander around the 34 acres of farmland and meet and play with all the animals.

There are cows, horses, pigs, goats, chickens, and more! And they are SUPER friendly!

Check out their Facebook page HERE for more information on how to volunteer, or even adopt an animal!

For a small monthly donation, you can sponsor an animal and you will receive free entry to come visit your cute little rescued fur/feather baby!

Kate Eleena, the owner of the sanctuary, is so friendly and selfless!

They  also rehome and save many other domestic animals and find them forever homes with loving families. From pigs, steers, cows, baby calves, goats, sheep, chickens, peacocks and horses, there are plenty of babies. 


Each Sunday farm tours are run at 10am and 11am, so why not come out to enjoy a day with the farm babies for a BBQ and cuddles with the cute animals. Children are definitely welcome and encouraged!

FIND OUT MORE about volunteering or sponsoring an animal, or donating to this wonderful, amazing animal rescue sanctuary.


Beserk xx ❤️