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Beserk is sponsoring the Dead of Winter Festival 2019!
*Please note that this is an 18+ event & based in Brisbane Australia.
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dead of winter lineup

Each year, Brisbane's Dead of Winter Festival brings together lovers of all things heavy and dark. Sounds just like Beserk's audience!

Heavy metal, zombies, ghouls and monsters... all in the name of a bloody good time! Are you ready?

dead of winter festival

Always a super fun and super safe event, come and let out your inner demons at the annual Dead of Winter!

Details of the venue can be found HERE.

dead of winter grim reaper



Here are a few of our favourite bands performing at Dead of Winter 2019:



cog band

After a lengthy hiatus, the boys from Cog have reunited and are bringing their prog rock sound back to Aussie crowds. Formed in 1998, Cog is one of the most successful independent bands in Australia, taking heavy influences from bands like Tool, Isis, Deftones and Helmet.

Listen to their latest track 'Drawn Together'




A local Brissie death metal crew, the band have released two full-length albums, Sunken Chambers of Nephilim (2010) and Misery (2014). It is dark and dissonant brutal death metal yet still stays true to the frenetic riff-salad recipe that is inherent to the brutal death metal artistic voice. If you're into that.

Listen to 'Vultures Descend'




Bodyjar are a pop punk band formed way back in 1990 who experienced significant success with their hit single 'Not the Same'. The song was featured in a Pepsi ad campaign and video games Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 and MX Superfly.

Listen to the track here



28 days band

28 Days are known for their rap rock, punk rock and hip hop music. Throughout their recording career, they have released 5 studio albums. 

Listen to their iconic track 'Rip It Up'



aversions crown

Aversions Crown have been pummeling Deathcore fans with their tight blend of mechanised death and haunting atmospherics since 2010. Formed in Brisbane, the band appears on stage as a wall of heavy sound and crunching muscle, inspired by notable Deathcore giants Thy Art Is Murder, The Acacia Strain, Oceano, and All Shall Perish.

Listen to Aversions Crown's killer 'Prismatic Abyss'



gravemind band

Gravemind are a concept metal act from Melbourne. With a terrorising mix of gutturals, screeches, distortion, blast beats and meaningful lyrics, they represent the evolution of brutal metal.

Listen to their deadly piece 'Lifelike'



a night in texas band

Another solid Deathcore unit from Cairns, the boys are now Brisbane-based and are delivering aggressive and technically demanding material with ultra-fast drumming and versatile vocals.

Listen to 'Scorched Earth'




This thrashcore band formed in Moscow Russia in 2009. They deserve extra respect because as of 2014, Svetlanas have been exiled from Russia due to their political views primarily expressed through their music. Distribution or ownership of their music within Russia is unlawful and comes with penalties. Now that's metal!

Listen to their thrashcore track 'Lose Control'



from crisis to collapse

From Crisis To Collapse’s music is not only heavy as hell and delivered by extremely talented musicians but it also confronts topics that are pertinent to today's society. They have just released their album The Seventh Tree through Art Is War records.

Listen to their blistering 'Slow Burn'



There are so many more awesome bands to mention! This is an event not to be missed. GO BESERK!