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Hello there Beserkers! Hope you are all well! And if you aren't we have some very exciting and awesome news that we're sure that you'll love! We super happy to announce the newest animal charity we support and its called the Red Panda Network! 🧡

What is The Red Panda Network? -

Founded in 2007 by Brian Williams, The Red Panda Network has become a world leader in efforts to protect red pandas and their habitat! By using an integrated, landscape-level approach to conservation that is built on the support and participation of local communities! The programs have extended to over one MILLION acres of forest and 50% of Nepal's Red panda range!! How incredible is that?! 🧡

How has Beserk helped RPN? - 

By spreading the word of the Red Panda Network to our audience we are sharing the amazing cause and work this community does to help these amazing creatures! As well as this, we have planted 300 treesfor Red panda habitats so these intelligent and incredible animals can thrive and live happy lives! We have also decided to adopt one of RPN's red pandas, little Paaru!! 🧡

Donation via beserk

Paarulives in the Ilam district community forest with her two cubs and is one of ten wild red pandas equipped with collars during Nepal's first-ever GPS-satellite collar study! Fun Fact - the name Paaru in Hindu culture signifies the sun, fire, and goddess Parvati! 🎋

Paaru adoption


How you can help The Red Panda Network? - 

Well just by reading this blog you are gaining knowledge on this amazing cause and educating yourself on the endangerment of our beloved red pandas! We need to protect these amazing creatures as there's only an estimated less than 10,000 to 2,500 red pandas in the wild! 

You can find more information about the RPN here - You can help by adopting a red panda, planting a tree, donating or even signing up to their newsletterto stay educated on the endangerment of the red panda species! What ever you can do can help The Red Panda Network's cause and mission to help protect these incredible creatures from extinction! 🎋

Thank you for reading along our blog on one of our newest animal charities! It means a lot to us that we are able to help out the world's most amazing creatures who cant help themselves, all thanks to the Berserker's' help and support! 🧡 Remember to check out the amazing work that the Red Panda Network does on their website and be kind to animals!  🧡

Stay spooky!  🧡

- Beserk xx 

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