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We are super excited to announce the Beserk Wardrobe Challenge for 2023 starting on the 1st of September! This year we have over $2000 of prizes to be won!

Simply put together an outfit on theme to the daily challenge and share on social media with the hashtag #BeserkWardrobeChallenge2023Day1 (Day 2, Day 3 etc.) for your chance to win a variety of prizes! 

It's up to you if you want to participate every day or just for one! Your outfit doesn't have to be exclusively items from Beserk, and everyone is welcome to participate- we want to see your creativity shine!

Check out the daily themes below and have fun!

DAY 1 (FRIDAY 1ST) - OLD SCHOOL PUNK - Step back in time to OG British Punk! Tartan, studs, clashing patterns, chains, belts, and Mohawks were staples in the 70s and 80s Punk Scene 💀

DAY 2 (SATURDAY 2ND) - HORROROne, Two, Freddy's Coming For You! We love a bit of Horror here at Beserk 🪓. Wear an Horror themed outfit or even a costume! 🤡

DAY 3 (SUNDAY 3RD) - DRESS UP YOUR FAMILIAR - Whether you're a fur parent or a human parent, we want to see your babies in their Sunday best! You could even take the chance to match with them! 🐱🐶🦎👶

DAY 4 (MONDAY 4TH) - COTTAGE-CORE / FOREST WITCH - Try your hand at Green Witch 🍃 Muted earthy tones, flowy dresses, and crystals. Alternatively, build a Cottage-Core outfit - Something you'd wear out to a picnic or the countryside! 🍎

DAY 5 (TUESDAY 5TH) - PASTEL GOTHSpooky but make it cute! Mix pastels and cute motifs with dark vibes 🎀💀. Try a cute hairstyle, dress or skirt, and pair with your biggest goth boots!

DAY 6 (WEDNESDAY 6TH) - MAKE-UP / HAIRSTYLE - Create a unique hairstyle or makeup look for today! 🌈 Colourful or black and white! Its all up to you! 

DAY 7 (THURSDAY 7TH) - TRAD GOTH - Think Nancy from The Craft! Trad Goth is all our favourite aspects of gothic fashion rolled into one. Teased hair, fishnets, pale or white foundation, heavy eyeliner, long tattered skirts, and studded accessories! 

DAY 8 (FRIDAY 8TH) - PATTERNS AND PRINTS - Wear something with patterns today! Some of our favourites are florals, plaid, stripes, and cobwebs 🕸 If you feel like an extra challenge, try wearing multiple patterned items together!

DAY 9 (SATURDAY 9TH) - Y'ALLTERNATIVE - Boy Howdy, did I hear someone say Western Goth? 🤠 Think Cowboy, but darker. Fringe, Hats, and strap on those boots, we want to see y'all rock this new style!

DAY 10 (SUNDAY 10TH) - RAINBOWS / PRIDEAll the colours of the rainbow in one outfit! 🌈 Show your pride! If primary colours aren't your thing, try doing a pastel version!

DAY 11 (MONDAY 11TH) - CORPORATE GOTHThink Morticia Addams but 9 to 5 at an office job! 📋 Try a pencil skirt and shirt combo. Or go full business with some high waisted pants and and blazer.

DAY 12 (TUESDAY 12TH) - Y2K / KAWAII -  Keep it cute today and go for a Kawaii or Y2K look! Kawaii Fashion is all about sweet motifs; ribbons, bows and pastel colours (Check out My Violet for inspo) 🎀 Y2K Aesthetic is inspired by late 90's and early 2000's style, butterfly hair clips, coloured sunnies, and pleated skirts are perfect for this bubbly style! 🦋

DAY 13 (WEDNESDAY 13TH) - WEDNESDAY ADDAMS INSPIRED - A day for our classic Goth influence Wednesday Addams! Sport her staple collared black skater dress, some braids and maybe even a disembodied hand if you're feeling fancy! 🕷

DAY 14 (THURSDAY 14TH) - VICTORIAN GOTH / LOLITAVictorian trends meet Gothic aesthetic. Dark colours, corsets, full skirts, ruffles, and Gothic makeup! Take it further with some Gothic themed headwear like horns or roses 🌹

DAY 15 (FRIDAY 15TH) - STREETWEAR / TECHWEARCasual but make it cool! 🕶 Try cargo pants or even some bondage pants with an over-sized tee! 🤍 

DAY 16 (SATURDAY 16TH) - DEATHMETAL / ROCK - Time to grab that band tee and represent! Heavy Metal / Death Metal Fashion features leather jackets, combat boots, studded cuffs and corpse paint if you're up for the challenge! 🖤

DAY 17 (SUNDAY 17TH) - PIN-UP / GOTHABILLYVintage never goes out of style! 👗 Pull out your circle skirt and petticoat and try Victory Rolls in your hair if you feel daring. Wiggle dresses, bright red lippie, and peep toe heels will bring out some retro flair!

DAY 18 (MONDAY 18TH) - BARBIE-CORE - Hi Barbie! ~ Need we say more? If a whole Barbie/pink inspired outfit is a bit too far out of your comfort zone, try something small! Socks, eye shadow, or even a hair bow 🎀

DAY 19 (TUESDAY 19TH) - HARNESSES/ BELTS/ CHOKERS - Wear your favourite chokers, belts and or harness! Wear them all if you have to! 

DAY 20 (WEDNESDAY 20TH) - NU-GOTH - Go modern goth with Nu-Goth! Pair your most modern and sleek clothes but make it goth! Influenced by Trad goth, the Addams family and The Craft! 👻 💀


DAY 21 (THURSDAY 21ST) - POP CULTURE / COSPLAY - Represent something from Pop Culture in your outfit, or just Cosplay! 🤖 Some of our faves are Beetlejuice, Alice In Wonderland, Sailor Moon, and Pokemon, but use your imagination! 💥

DAY 22 (FRIDAY 22ND) - DARK ACADEMIA - Prep School Fashion with a Gothic Twist! Think pleated skirts, mary janes or loafers, and plaid- pair with a cute button up shirt or sweater. Preppy vibes with dark accessories! 🖤🤍

DAY 23 (SATURDAY 23RD) - STATEMENT SHOES - Wear your most out-there shoes, socks, or stockings! 🧦👞 If you're feeling like a real challenge try all 3 together!

DAY 24 (SUNDAY 24TH) - ANDROGYNOUS - 'Androgyny' comes from the Greek word andros meaning 'man' and gyne meaning 'woman'. An androgynous person is, therefore, one who has both masculine and feminine characteristics! So don your best Androgynous look and smash some gender norms! 👸🤴

DAY 25 (MONDAY 25TH) - INDUSTRIAL / CYBERPUNKBring back Cyber Goggles and watch out for Radioactive materials! ☢ Find your most post apocalyptic outfit! 💚🖤

DAY 26 (TUESDAY 26TH) - MEDIEVAL / FANTASY - Wear an outfit inspired by medieval times or fantasy! 🧝 Maybe some fairy wings? Or just go full Elven Fantasy with Elf Ears and a flowy cape! You could even try a fantasy makeup look today! 🧜

DAY 27 (WEDNESDAY 27TH) - SCENE / E-GIRL -  Pop Punk has been making a comeback in 2022!! Scene Kids rejoice! 🦝 Try striped arm warmers, leg warmers, favourite band tee, and pull your emo fringe into place or try something cutesy today! 🎀 Try E-Girl style, a kawaii outfit, a cute hairstyle, or even Kitty Ears 😻

DAY 28 (THURSDAY 28TH) - PICK A COLOUR - It's as simple as pick a colour and roll with it! Go all green, blue, orange or even black! You decide! 🏴‍☠️🌈

DAY 29 (FRIDAY 29TH) - HALLOWEEN TIMEHalloween is just around the corner and we can't wait! 🎃 Wear something Spooky- ghosts, spiderwebs, pumpkins, or even a full Orange and Black outfit! 👻

DAY 30 (SATURDAY 30TH) - FINAL FORM! - Go All Out! 👑 Wear your absolute favourite outfit! Something that makes you feel on top of the world! It can be any style you like, formal or casual, as long as you feel amazing in it 🥰


Save the image below for the full wardrobe challenge breakdown! 

And remember to share on social media (Instagram, Facebook etc.) with the hashtags #BeserkWardrobeChallenge2023 AND #BeserkWardrobeChallenge2023Day1 (Day 2, Day 3 etc.) for your chance to win a variety of prizes we have to offer and to be featured on the Beserk online site!! 


ON 16 Oct 11:30

I’d love to have the winners shared on your blog. It’d be great to see which creative outfits stole the show


ON 4 Sep 10:33

When ve chosen and how will they be notified?

Kelsey Leigh

ON 4 Sep 10:33

Yay! So excited!! Can’t wait to see everyone’s outfits!!


ON 31 Aug 09:27

When it says “horror”, does that mean just pop culture horror characters or can it be scary horror not specific to a character?


ON 30 Aug 12:25

My daughter would love to be able to enter – but doesn’t have social media – can I enter on her behalf please?

Renee Mills

ON 30 Aug 09:17

I love this idea!


ON 29 Aug 10:39

Question: How are the prizes being awarded?
Is it Best in Category, Overall Best Effort, Random Hashtags?
Last Year you did random Hashtags which was not mentioned at the start and it was very disappointing!
Personally it would be Great if Each Wardrobe Challenge was Chosen by the entries for that Days Theme!
30 Days, 30 Chances!!

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