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Hello Beserkers! Hoping you have had a good week and that the oncoming weekend will be even better! We have some very exciting news regarding our newest additon to the BESERK animal family! If you haven't see our adorable fuzzy friend, Beserk the Bear, he will be sure to steal your heart!  🐻 🖤 

beserk the bear

If you haven't met this handsome gentlebear yet, this is Beserk the (Moon) Bear! He is apart of the BESERK family as we sponsored him to ensure he has a happy and healthy life at ANIMALS ASIA's rescue sanctuary in Vietnam! 🖤 Unfortunately Beserk the Bear didn't have the best start to his life as he was locked in a tiny cage for many years of his life at a Bear Bile farm! Until ANIMALS ASIA rescued him and now he can have a normal and very happy bear life!

If you are interested in more of Beserk the Bear's story and how ANIMALS ASIA helped him have a happy normal bear life, you can read our Beserk the Bear blog here🖤


Of course Beserk is living his best life at ANIMALS ASIA's Vietnam rescue sanctuary! However, we want to help him and ANIMALS ASIA even more by rasing money to help Beserk and other Bears live a long and happy life safe at ANIMALS ASIA's rescue sanctuaries! 

Behold the Beserk the Bear charity shirt! For every Beserk the Bear shirt sold, $10 of that money will be donated to ANIMALS ASIA to ensure our furry friend, Beserk, can live a beary happy life! 🖤 Ranging in sizes from Extra Small to 2x Extra Large, Everyone can get a shirt and support our mission to help Beserk have an amazing life! 🖤

beserk in tub

Be sure to check out ANIMALS ASIA and their mission on their site and socials to see more of the incredible creatures they rescue from very unfortunate starts and give them the life they deserve! Be sure to grab a Beserk Charity shirt too as $10 from every shirt goes directly to help Beserk the Bear and his other bear friends too! 🖤

Stay tuned for more updates on Beserk the Bear coming soon! Till next time! 🖤

Stay Kind! 🖤 - BESERK xx 

Pamm Whittaker

ON 11 Nov 08:33

Lovely! As much as we’d love to help by buying shirts, 2x is tooo small. 5x would be lovely, or even 7x so hubs could get one :)

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