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Hello Beserkers! Happy Thursday, how's your week been? If it hasn't been going too well then we have some pretty exciting news that could help perk you up! We are so thrilled to share the remarkable news with you guys, that our very own business, Beserk, has been honoured with Animal Asia's prestigious Respect in Action award for the Moon Bear Hero Awards! As a passionate advocate for animal welfare, We cannot express how proud we all are of the collective efforts and the impact the not only us but Animal Asia have have made in the lives of countless animals, especially Bears! This recognition is a testament to our dedication and unwavering commitment to making a difference, not only in our world, but our animal's world! 🖤🐻

The Journey of Beserk - 

From humble beginnings in 2000, Beserk started as a company, and from the beginning we have always believed that we should be protecting and improving the lives of animals in need as much as we possibly can! We have always made it integral that we are always supporting local and international animal missions, causes and charities to make the world a better place and help protect creatures that can't protect themselves! We recognise the urgency to take action and create a better world for these innocent creatures who share our planet. 🖤

Animal Asia's Respect in Action Award - 

Receiving Animal Asia's Respect in Action award is an incredible honor for all of us at Beserk. Animal Asia, is a highly respected organisation known for its tireless advocacy for animal rights, recognises the exceptional efforts of individuals and groups dedicated to animal welfare. This award serves as validation of our commitment, effectiveness, and the positive impact not only us but our community has made in the lives of animals! 🐻



What It Means to Us - 

The Respect in Action award is not just an accolade; it symbolises the triumph of compassion, perseverance, and the belief that every living being, no matter how big or small, deserves respect and protection! It acknowledges the countless hours of hard work, the emotional investment, and the relentless pursuit of change that Animal Asia has put into their mission. This recognition affirms that our efforts, support and donations have not gone unnoticed and reinforces our resolve to continue to help Animal Asia's mission with renewed vigor and support! Of course we are so honoured to have received this award from Jill and Animals Asia and we are just happy to be able to help make a difference to all of these animals lives and help them have the lives that they deserve and have been deprived of! 🖤🐻

Moving Forward -

While the Respect in Action award is a tremendous achievement, it also carries a significant responsibility. At Beserk, we will remain steadfast in our dedication to not only Animal Asia but to animal welfare and use this recognition as a platform to amplify other missions and causes we can help with! This award will serve as a catalyst to inspire others to help and support us helping Animals and charities that help them! Our community are compassionate individuals who love all sorts of creatures so we should all be committed to making the world a better place for animals! 🐻

The Respect in Action award bestowed upon us at Beserk by Animal Asia is a testament to the power of collective action, compassion, and unwavering determination! It is a celebration of our achievements and a reminder of the incredible change we can bring about when we work together for a common cause. With this recognition, we are fueled with even greater motivation to continue our vital work to support animal charities, empowering us to touch more lives and create a brighter future for animals everywhere! 🖤🐻

A Huge thank you again to Jill and the Team at Animals Asia for choosing us as the recipients of the Respect in Action award! Be sure to check out Animal Asia's cause and website here

Bear Hugs and Stay Spooky! 🖤🐻

- Beserk xx 


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