BESERK ADOPTS A KOALA! Posted on 15 Feb 11:20 , 0 comments

Our cutest and most vulnerable Aussie icons are losing their homes and their lives, and there is no time to lose in protecting them.


adopt a koala wwf


That's why Beserk has acted on our moral duty to ensure the safety of these adorable little creatures, by adopting a Koala through the World Wildlife Fund.

You can adopt a koala yourself at the WWF here.


australian koala


All donations go to support efforts to urge our governments to stop excessive tree-clearing, to create corridors between habitats, to help prepare a koala for release back into the wild, and help with supplies for injured koalas.


cute koala family


Beserk is an environmentally-aware enterprise: we love all animals great and small, and we are committed to spread the word of the outstanding charities that allow for the protection of wildlife worldwide. 


Some Key Facts:

  • Deforestation has become so severe in Queensland that over 80% of koalas have now been lost
  • Koala populations throughout New South Wales have declined by 42% in the last 20 years
  • At the current rate, Koalas may become extinct by as early as 2040


We cannot let this continue to happen.


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