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WIDOW is a dark celebration of intuition and form. Widow designs and creates elevated garments that conjure confidence, desire and hard-lined grace.

Crafted for icons, stoics and influencers, Widow divines inspiration from old world mysticism and natural history through sensuous raw materials and effortless design. Gritty, raw and poised, Widow is a line at ease with past, present and future. Modern goth lovers unite: House of Widow is a contemporary women's fashion label that is known for its unique, modern gothic-inspired pieces.  All black everything with extra special details to catch your eye such as lace appliques and corset ribbons and original dark prints.

Widow clothing offers a witchy assortment of dark bold pieces for all those with a magical nocturnal spirit and soul. Shop the Widow collection at Beserk - we are sure you will find what you are looking for, ranging from dresses and tops, to pants and outerwear.

Their innner-wear is to die for too - lingerie and sexy underwear for the bedroom or to spice up your love life (who are we to judge?). Get lost, fall in love.  Widow: "a woman who has lost her spouse by death." The very definition of the word summons images of dark veils, funerals and wakes, crypts and cemeteries and graveyards. Wear morbid with style, all year round.

Featuring items such as The Rapture Wrap Skirt, the No Time To Cry Chiffon Kimono, the Poison Lace Undies, Kiss The Dark Web Mesh Bra, the Dark Dreaming Mini Backpack, Death Rock Patent Booties, Lullaby Lace Modern Boots, Poison Pointy Combat Boots, the Prayer Long Sleeved Lace Top, the Sinister Lace Up Jeans, Shadow Haunt Bell Bottoms, Raven's Night Leggings, Doomed Garter Tank Dress, and the Eternal Life Gauze Tunic Dress. There is a piece for everyone at Widow. As they say, life's a witch, and then you die. Embrace it, witches.