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Vivid Kolor

VIVID KOLOR by Vision Cosmetic is a professional, elegant cosmetic line with an unmissable Italian style!

Vivid Kolor is a range of professional hair dyes and colour treatments that are exactly that - vivid! The company was born out of the collaboration with professionals with many years of extensive experience, specialised in the production of professional hair care products. Their mission is to offer high quality hair products, expertly combining tradition and innovation, to best meet the needs of the customer. The slogan "Take your time!" arises from the idea that the end customer is entrusted both to the skill of the professional, and to the safety of the result and the seal deriving from their products.

Vivid Kolor and Vision Cosmetic is made in Italy for the beauty and well-being of hair - a professional cosmetic line with an unmistakable Italian style that not only offers highly professional results but also is able to create a panoramic experience of well-being for everyone involved. The products are designed to create a lifestyle, as a process of self-creation. It is easy to say that beauty is hidden in every corner, on every face, every furtive glance and every tucked sleeve, in every form. But to make beauty emerge it is necessary to apply commitment and courage, dedication and talent; the exact same qualities that characterise these products.

The innovative formulation, created and tested with certified raw materials, are combined with passion and research to manufacture hair care products of the highest quality.  We are sure you will love them!

Beserk stocks a range of Vivid Kolor products, including the VIVIDMASK Blue Semi-permanent hair dye - a startlingly bright blue colour to be used on pre-bleached hair for natural reflections with heaps of light and shine! The colour stabiliser pH3.5 restores the pH of the scalp and hair to perfect condition, extending hair colour fastness while increasing shine and silkiness.