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Unstable Unicorns was started on the 17th of August 2017 by Ramy Badie as a kickstarter project. Within an hour the campaign had been fully funded! This is where the adventure of a lifetime started for Ramy. With the project fully funded, Ramy was able to up the anti by adding even more to the base game, giving the backers on kickstarter more reason to continue to pledge. With the ball rolling, and rolling, Ramys dreams were coming true over and over again. Each day things were picking up and Unstable Unicorns was making a huge name for itself. Then came the final release of Unstable Unicorns and the world exploded with happiness. In 2019 Unstable Unicorns was even awarded Toy of The Year winner!

With an abundance of fun for the whole family, this game presents you with the opportunity to have a game with the kids and have a NSFW game with the adults. With plenty of different expansion packs to keep adding more fun to your game, including the Dragon Expansion pack and NSFW Expansion pack, you'll never get bored of Unstable Unicorns. Having had huge success with their game, they've since expanded their product line to include T-shirts, plush toys and colouring in books with all sorts of different creatures including wolves, kittens, pandas and even an octopus! Build your own Unicorn army today and destroy your friends in the most enjoyable, funny and unique game.

Here at Beserk we want to help you to become the person you want to be, to do whatever you want, be whoever you want and play games whenever you want. There's nothing holding you back from owning your very own Unstable Unicorn army. Keep them at your disposal, use them to fight those boredom demons and enjoy a game with your friends and family!