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UNHOLY - Alternative and fetish clothing and accessories for men and women, and everyone else on the gender spectrum. Unholy does not discriminate - this brand of fetish event and alternative lifestyle clothing is for everyone and anyone with a rebellious, sensual kink in their souls!

Unholy has over 25 years experience in retail and wholesale within Australia and New Zealand.  They understand that their customers' satisfaction is priority.  They believe in good business ethics and personal morals, and this is the Unholy company philosophy, from purchasing to customer service and here at Beserk that is a monumental part of our business.

Unholy will only put their unique brand on quality made products that can be sold at affordable prices. A core belief at Unholy is that that sexy lingerie shouldn't cost the earth. So the team went out to find the very best women's and men's Fetish clothing and accessories. The selection of sexy clothes they discovered were evidently lacking variety and versatility. Working together with amazing international designers, they selected some unique pieces from their range and have since built the product range to suit a diverse and varied collection of styles and designs. Fetish clothing isn't just about hyper-sexuality or style and quality but also individuality and uniqueness. You just have to see it to believe it. Unholy supply chokers, harnesses, harness chokers, belts, buckles, straps, garters, collars, bralettes, bodysuits, and so much more to get your motor running, both in the bedroom and out on the town.

Check out our massive range of Unholy products for you to choose from. Including bondage gloves, pvc stockings, sexy spanking skirts and more. Perhaps you're just looking for a sexy corset - then look no further! In Unholys corset range you can find any type of corset you need. They have PVC corsets, cotton corsets and even plus size corsets. Unholy have all your erotic clothing and BDSM needs here. If you're a submissive, a dominatrix, a top, a bottom, a little or a daddy or mummy, then Unholy can assist you in your kink journey (sartorially, at least, that's as far as Unholy is currently willing to go).