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Embrace your inner kawaii-ness with women’s clothing brand Sugar Thrillz. Known for its rainbow embellished, cute and girly styles, the brand is full of magical ready-to-wear pieces, hologram backpacks, statement making platforms and more. Shop the latest collection from sweaters to dresses, tops, intimates, shoes and accessories.

The Sugar Thrillz collection is the perfect mixture of soft, feminine and badass vibes that we should all expect from brands we stock at Beserk. Fall in love with the blend of the soft blues and pinks and light purples (mauve, lilac lavender and violet) so if you don’t want to be decked out in baby pink; you have some options available to you! All of Sugar Thrillz gorgeous garments are subtle enough that you don’t need to worry about being a giant block of solid colour or pattern, but bold enough for the definition that you still get that ethereal vibe.

If you want to bare it all, they have something for you, but if you want something a little more covered up, there’s also something for you. If you want to wear pants, they’ve got you covered, but if you want a sheer bra and panty set, they have that too.

One thing that springs to mind with Sugar Thrillz is the quality of their clothing. Sometimes when you get brands like this (and especially at the fantastic price), you might expect to lose some quality. No way. The fabrics are all sturdy and robust and feel wonderful to the touch - which is so crucially important for things like lingerie. You will find the dreamiest colours and pastel shades you've ever seen, and it all looks just as good in real life as it does in the pictures. Super sexy and powerfully feminine, Sugar Thrillz have truly outstanding pieces to add to your clothing arsenal. Get it in your wardrobe now!