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Spiral Direct is an alternative clothing brand. With amazing and unique designs including tribal, Gothic, horror, fetish and fantasy for those who desire a little bit of the dark side. With commercial fashion, vintage and distressed looks, there are plenty of styles for everyone to choose from. No matter what the occasion, Spiral provides comfortable and high quality clothing and home wares with there awesome prints and designed featuring awesome night time scenes with wolves, skulls and even adorable kittens! From Mystical Fairies and Dragons to The Reaper and Wolves, as well as Tribal, Metal, Skulls, Blood, Native American, Wings, and Forest designs, they seek to provide good quality designs for people from all walks of life... Or death.

With a huge range of clothes for men and women's alternative clothing including t-shirts, hoodies, long-sleeved tees, jackets, skirts, dresses, fitted tops, camisoles and corsets, as well as a collection for kids with t-shirts, hoodies and adorable baby grows! They also have a small range of plush toys! For anyone who loves a good cuddle, grab yourself an absolutely adorable Ted The Impaler Teddy Bear Plush, their awesome little Baby Dragon Plush Toy or their cute Bat Cat Winged Plush Toy! With absolutely amazing designs, these little guys are so cute you'll want to add all of them to your growing collection of evil little plush teddies.

Beserk doesn't hold back, we give you everything you want and desire. From normal, or at least what they consider normal, to cute and creepy, from mellow to macabre, from adorable to abhorrent, from sweet to sexy, nothing is out of bounds here at Beserk. With Spiral by our side, we've brought you some amazing home wares and clothing for you to choose from. Don't miss out on your chance to grab a fluffy little friend today!