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Sparks Hair Colour

Sparks Colour was established in 2013 with the intention of designing the first professional hair colour intended for the next generation of hair stylists, with its clinically proven ingredient-focused formula that helps to deliver nutrients to your hair while providing a conditioned and vibrant, long-lasting colour. Sparks, just like us here at Beserk take pride in caring for our animal community by being 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free by not testing on animals. They provide a professional quality colour, without using any PPD, giving you a stunning new hair style without high risks of allergic reactions.

Sparks has made the impossible possible with this amazing range from electric colours to pastel. Sparks Colour offers you exceptionally bright colours, such as Green Ivy, Pink Kiss and Red Hot! With blues, greens, pinks, purples, golds and silvers, the vibrant colour palette you have to choose from is absolutely out of this world, with a long-lasting effect, you'll always want to choose Sparks for your colouring adventures. Change your style to be whoever or whatever you want, there's nothing stopping you, take two colours and mix them together to make your own shades, or even use two colours to make an ombre effect! And even, wait for it, now Sparks gives you the power to become your own colour mixer with their Crystal Clear Dye! Mix the Crystal Clear dye with any colour you like to create a stunning pastel look made just for you!

Beserk brings you into our world of crazy hair colours and amazing results with Sparks Colour. Bring yourself along on this adventure of self exploration and soul searching with the stunning range of colours, help yourself to become the Mermaid or Fairy you've always wanted to be. You're next hair style is on us! There's no limits with Sparks, so be free!