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Pumpkin [Black/White] | ATHLETIC SOCKS Pumpkin [Black/Purple] | ATHLETIC SOCKS Pumpkin [Black/Orange] | ATHLETIC SOCKS Little Skulls | OVER THE KNEE SOCKS Luna Bats | OVER THE KNEE SOCKS Rude Tombs | MUG Crazy Bat Lady | MUG Haunted House | MUG Halloween Queen | MUG Pumpkin | MUG Spooky Pumpkins | PINT GLASS Haunted House | PINT GLASS Planchette | AIR FRESHENER Always Spooky | PIN Boo! | PIN Spooky Vibes | STICKER Anatomical Skull | STICKER Batt Attack Small | STICKER Haunted House [Black/Orange] | SHOWER CURTAIN Tentacles [Black/White] | WINDOW CURTAINS Pink Leopard | WINDOW CURTAINS Jaguar | WINDOW CURTAINS Under The Sea | SHOWER CURTAIN Spooky Vibes | PATCH Luna Bats [Black] | COVER UP Pumpkin & Cat | AIR FRESHENER Death Cab | AIR FRESHENER Crazy Bat Lady | AIR FRESHENER Jinx Cat [Black/White] | PATCH Spooky Heart [Black/White] | PATCH Black Roses | PATCH SET Spooky Vibes [Black/White] | TOTE BAG Heartbreaker [Glossy Black] | PURSE Heartbreaker [Stripes] | PURSE Locked Out [Glossy Black] | PURSE Locked Out [Stripes] | PURSE Jaguar | SHOWER CURTAIN Nokturnal Bat | RUG Skulls Multi | MASK Coffin [Black/Purple] | RUG Coffin [Black/Orange] | RUG Coffin [Black/White] | RUG Spooky Damask | DOORMAT Leopard [Hot Pink] | CREAM PUFF DRESS Dead Sea | CREAM PUFF DRESS Black | CREAM PUFF DRESS Skeleton Coffin | KITCHEN BOARD Lust For Skulls | KITCHEN BOARD Luna Bats | KITCHEN BOARD Leopard Print | CUTTING BOARD Spiderweb Round | KITCHEN BOARD Under The Sea | BEACH BLANKET Jinx Bat | TOTE BAG Nokturnal Bats [Green] | RAGLAN SKATER DRESS Nokturnal Bats [Gray] | RAGLAN SKATER DRESS Shark Attack | CAMI SKATER DRESS Luna Bats | STRING BIKINI Nokturnal Bats | PATCH SET Hot Pink Leopard | SHOWER CURTAIN Under The Sea | BATH MAT

 Sourpuss is an independent subculture brand for fans of punk, goth, horror, tattoos, rockabilly, pinup culture and Halloween. Since they began in 2001, Sourpuss has grown into a one-stop shop for apparel, accessories and housewares for anyone looking for something different than what larger, mainstream outlets offer. They cater to folks that have interests in old school punk, tattoos, pinups, vintage and kustom kulture, classic monsters, and lots more. Not only have they remained independently owned, they are also incredibly hands-on within their small business. With a DIY attitude and loyalty to originality and unique individuality stemming from their long-time roots in the punk and alternative scene, it's that same loyalty and support that they receive from their customers that's appreciated so much.

Sourpuss bring all things retro, vintage, gothbilly, tiki, sailor, punk, pinup and tattoos to their clothing, homewares, accessories, baby apparel, jewellery & more! Sourpuss have the best range of old school punk, tattooed pinups, vintage & kitschy oddities, curios, retro monsters, tikis & sailor designs and chic apparel! Catering for all shapes and sizes, Sourpuss is an amazing brand and here at Beserk we want to help you to celebrate them.

From cute ladies dresses & clothing to babies clothing, bibs & accessories, jewellery plus also fantastic homewares items to make your home look amazing! We also stock a range of bags, purses, tights, badges, pins, blankets, sunglasses, shower curtains, rugs, scarfs, mirrors, photo frames, cork boards, shelving,dish towels, oven mitts, salt and pepper sets, diner plates, tumblers, umbrellas, pillows, socks, combs and so much more! With a huge range of different designs, graphic prints and colours to choose from, we have almost everything you need right here with Sourpuss. They are a high quality amazing brand and we are here to bring you all of our favourite products from them!

We love Sourpuss!