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MADMIA. A wonderland where socks fantasies come true. When you buy MADMIA, you buy a more fun, more confident, more colorful YOU! Matching is mundane, mixing is monumental and colour is cool, you can be a kid forever, be bold, be you! In the world of MADMIA mixing patterns and colours is monumentally cool. Their girls’ brand started with colourful different socks sold in a pack of 2 that allowed you to style them to your wishes and desires. They give you the satisfaction of comfort, good looking and very stylish feet.

MADMIA Baby Socks are suitable for babies aged 1 - 2. MADMIA Toddler socks are suitable for kids aged 3 - 6. Most popular socks size is for kids aged 6 - 99 or One Size Fits Most, they are suitable for Kids and Teenagers age 6 and up. These Socks do fit adults and they recommend up to shoe size EU 41 equivalent to women's size 8/9 AU. Please note, they do have limited stretch around adult muscular calves. MADMIA socks ingredients are 70% Cotton, 15% Nylon, 13% Polyester and 2% Spandex. Each serving gives you long lasting energy, cool look and comfy feet. Welcome to the land of not your average socks. Walking down the street gives you celebrity flair, as every person asks "where do I get a pair?" When you buy MADMIA, you buy a more fun, more confident, more colourful YOU!! - "Poppy and Molly".

Seriously, whether you are a kid or an adult, you will be certain to spin heads right around when you have donned a set of these sweet footwear threads. Beserk stocks a range of vivid, vibrant, neon colours, shades and hues, with decorative fringes and tassels and statement features. The designs and creations are totally unique and loud! And we've brought them to you!