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Love Byrd Beauty takes an extremely simple approach to skin care. Following the K.I.S.S method, they "Keep It Simple, Stupid!" They provide skin care for all skins types with their organic, natural facial serums, facial washes, mascara melts and toners to help keep your skin refreshed! With Beserk by your side, your happiness and health is of utmost importance. Take some time out of your day to give yourself that treatment you deserve, relax with a hot shower, some face masks and grab some amazing Love Byrd facial serums to help replenish and revitalise your skin after the harsh summer sun.

We've all heard the old saying, "You are what you eat!". Well if eating healthy organic foods makes your stomach flatter and your skin glow, we know it's going to do wonders for the skin! Utilising the effects of ingredients like Rose Flower Water, reducing the effects of Rosacea and Eczema, using Palm Kernel Oil which is rich is lauric and myristic fatty acids giving the oil antibiotic qualities and enhancing the absorption of the oil into the skin and plenty more ingredients derived from seed oils and fruits to provide long lasting glows. Free of sulfates, parabens and palm oil, you know it's a quality product!

Don't eat all the veggies you should be every day? Don't drink enough water? Don't miss out, these products will hydrate your skin and provide nourishment to replenish the beautiful glow we know you're hiding! Here at Beserk we take your needs seriously and we've grabbed our favourite Love Byrd cosmetics to help give you the boost your spirit deserves. No longer will you have dry, oily, red or irritated skin using their organic and high quality products to give your skin a refreshed and nourished feel. Don't miss out on our range of Love Byrd today!