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Lilac Hair Colour


As fresh as a spring rain, as beautiful as a bundle of the first flowers of the season, and as versatile as any other Berserk selection, lilac hair colour gives you a fun and light look.

On its own or blended with one of Beserk’s hundreds of other colours, lilac provides a flirtatious and friendly look. It blends perfectly with other colours from Berserk to create stunning pastel and mermaid style looks. Our customers love its versatility, as well as the fact that celebrities and social media influencers also sport the look.

Berserk also features thousands of different products all selected to help our customers create their own personalised looks in their hair, clothing, and even their home. We also feature some of our most popular items on our clearance and sale page. Make sure to check out these exciting deals.

At Berserk, we strive to provide products that not only follow the hottest trends, but also help our customers to set them. Explore our full selection today.