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Aggie | SUSPENDER SKIRT* All Attitude [Ash Tartan] | CUT-OUT DRESS* All Attitude [Black] | CUT-OUT DRESS* All Attitude [Blood Tartan] | CUT-OUT DRESS* Amaymon | COLLAR DRESS* Astra | LACE DRESS* Aysling | CAPE TOP* Beelzebabe | MIDI SKIRT [FAULTY]* Bizzara | LONG SLEEVE TOP* Blood Vow [Scarlet] | LACE DRESS* Bloody Mary [Blood Tartan] | PLATFORMS* Brimstone | PJ SET* Carea | DRESS* Carpe Noctem | COLLAR DRESS* Cecila | COLD SHOULDER TOP* Chaotica [Ash Tartan] | SHIRT-DRESS* Chaotica [Black] | SHIRT-DRESS* Chaotica [Blood Tartan] | SHIRT-DRESS* College Goth | KNIT SWEATER* Crash Curse | CROP TOP* Crash [Black] | SKATER DRESS* Crash [Blood Tartan] | SKATER DRESS* Crimson Kiss [SCARLET] | DRESS* Cross The Line | SWEATER* Crystal Cord | JUMPSUIT* Cthulhu | CERAMIC JAR* Cthulhu | TEAPOT* Cybele [Black] | LACE DRESS* Damaged Goods | OVERALLS* Damnation | BARDOT DRESS* Dark Aura | DRESS* Dawn [Scarlet] | MAXI DRESS* Daze [Ash Tartan] | BUTTON-UP SHIRT* Daze [Black] | BUTTON-UP SHIRT* Daze [Blood Tartan] | BUTTON-UP SHIRT* Dazed & Confused [Ash Tartan] | SUSPENDER SKIRT* Dazed & Confused [Black] | SUSPENDER SKIRT* Dazed & Confused [Blood Tartan] | SUSPENDER SKIRT* Dead Easy | LOUNGE PANTS* Dead Head Velvet | SKATER DRESS* Deadly | CHOKER* Deadman's | BOOTS* Dean | DUNGAREES [FAULTY]* Dean | DUNGAREES* Distortion [Ash Tartan] | PLEATED DRESS* Elissabat | COLLAR DRESS* Endora [Scarlet] | TOP* Evander | HOOD TOP Evernight [Black] | DRESS* Evernight [Scarlet] | DRESS* Evil Intentions [Black] | EARRINGS* Evil Intentions [Black] | NECKLACE* Evil Intentions [Silver] | EARRINGS* Evil Intentions [Silver] | NECKLACE* Fade Away Farah [Velvet] | DRESS* Freak Flag [Blood Tartan] | JACKET* Ghoulish | PARTY DRESS* Goetia | DRESS* Gothicorn | CAMI TOP* Grave Rebellion [Ash Tartan] | DRESS*

Every now and then we need to Sale some of our Killstar items. Hopefully you can find your perfect size. 

Are you looking for your latest KILLSTAR obsession? Could you be lucky and find it on SALE?   Killstar is a dark and edgy lifestyle cult, comprised of provocative thinking and unconventional ideas. 

Established in the year of 2010 - Killstar is a fashion and lifestyle brand with a twist of darkness and witchy macabre affiliations, channelling emotional power and raw energy into every thread.  Fabricating morbid discord ever since their inception, with no signs of slowing down or stopping with their prodigious collections, offering range after dark range of stunningly Gothic sartorial splendour, Killstar is straight-up killer.

Each item tells a story and is an experience in itself. Explore the dark and unorthodox and celebrate individuality with its over-sized prints, studded leather and digital designs, alongside kick ass accessories and leggings.

Stars can't shine without the darkness - Believe in yourself and create your own destiny, and feel the power of the night and embrace that force for yourself.