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JOLLY AWESOME is an art and design led studio by London-based illustrator Matt Nguyen. All Jolly Awesome ranges feature his original illustrations and designs. Greeting cards, birthday cards, illustrations, posters and prints.

Beserk stocks a generous range of items from Jolly Awesome, including water bottles, mugs, heat changing mugs, travel mugs, lunch boxes, sipping cups, notebooks, keyrings, coffee canisters, coasters, storage tins, and much more! Beserk stocks a healthy range of quality Jolly Awesome items. Mostly with a unicorn theme. Yes, at Beserk we are not slightly ashamed of our love and passion for unicorns. They are just so sparkly and magical! Why not check out our collection? You will stumble across things you never knew you actually needed! Such as the Ride or Fly Keyring, the Caffeine Unicorn Canister (to start the morning magically, featuring a rainbow of colours), the Unicorn Life Mug (featuring the text "I'm About That Unicorn Life"), Unicorn Lunch Box Set (Cake? Candy? Lollipops? Fairy Floss? UNICORN DUST?

Make sure you eat your lunch beside a rainbow though! You never know who might turn up), the Unicoaster (a unicorn coaster - I don't know about you but we are sick and tired of everyone getting their unicorn juice rings all over the table). But honestly, Beserk offers other pieces from Jolly Awesome that are not based on unicorns - we promise! The "So Hot Right Now" Travel Mug is super cute and sassy - just like you! It's a hot pink to-go mug that will keep your beverage hot throughout the morning. And the "Love You Long Time" Mug, featuring a colourfully long sausage dog (or dachshund) graphic wrapping its way all around the mug to help you start your morning right.

There is the "Treat Yoself" Lunch Box and the "Word" A5 Notebook. Super awesome stuff with original illustrations from Matt Nguyen himself, a true lover of British pop culture and childhood fascination of all things Americana, from those 90s Saturday morning cartoon shows to cult 80s mover, and later hip-hop and comic books.