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Ink Blot Bath Bombs turn your relaxing soak into bubbly, glittery, fizzing fun!  They offer vibrant bath bombs, bath crumbles, doughnut bathbombs and more!  All vegan friendly and 100% cruelty free, so you can rest easy in your evening bath.

Ink Blot Bombs are intensely colourful bath bombs. In vibrant, quirky colours, with bio-degradable glitter! Beserk carries a large selection of Ink Blot Bombs - including the Ink Blot Nirvana Colour Pop, the Summer Minx Colour Pop and the Tropicana Colour Pop, which comes in a handy resealable pack that allows you to use as much or as little as you want (they come like a block of chocolate, you can break off any amount you want to use without any fuss or unwanted crumbles).

Their bath bombs are perfectly appropriate for the whole family. They have gorgeous scented fragrances (such as Black Cherry Sorbet, Mango and Passionfruit, and Dragon Fruit Punch) and vibrant colours from everywhere on the rainbow spectrum. And they won't stain your bathtub!

Ink Blot Bombs also create bubble bath body washes, metallic bathbombs, foaming bathbombs, and create custom bathbombs for those wanting to express themselves in the bathroom. The Blood Sucka range is popular for the packaging - it's a bubble bath fluid contained within a mock IV drip bag. And the Soda Duet range allows you to drop different pieces of bomb into your bath to create a unique, contrasting swirl effect! Other fun and quirky items include the Foaming Jack (a jack 'o' lantern) the Voodoo Vigil (a voodoo doll), the Witchy Brew (a cauldron with a large eyeball floating in it), the 'Coffin' range (coffin-shaped bath bombs with a scary skull in the centre), and the Love is Love (it's a rainbow coloured unicorn horn!)

Beserk have teamed up with Ink Blot Bombs for a collaboration! Beserk's range of Ink Blot bath bombs are both spooky and adorable, and most of all, they are completely unique and crafted specially for us at Beserk.

Please note: safety should always be considered priority when using any type of bath bomb. Always take care when stepping in and out of your bath, especially when using soapy products. Rinse down your bath tub after use to remove any excess soap, glitter and bubbles.