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Enlightened Witch - mystical, intuitive, spiritual exciting, fun.

Blessed Be. The "aloha" of witches. It is a simple prayer, a thank you, a greeting, an offering or wish for blessings and love to all people. You have arrived at the perfect time, looking for the very thing you need most right now. It is no coincidence: it is divine timing and guidance. Maybe your energy feels "off" and think energy healing and a mala will help you feel right again. By the way, it will!

Perhaps your soul is hungry and you require spiritual guidance on healing the past in order to move forward. Maybe you need the power of a spell to manifest your desires. Maybe you are a fledgling Hedge Witch looking for insight. And then there's shopping for woo items (menta physical plus spiritual). The Enlightened Witch is a bit about herbal magic but also about feeding your soul. It is a long spiritual journey to become a strong, empowered woman, and that is what Enlightened Witch is all about.

It's not just a brand, it is the life work of Kim, a self-described "average witch". The power is in your hands to speed the process of healing. Feeling in to the energy of what surrounds you and asking it to assist in your endeavours in healing (yourself and perhaps others), in manifesting, in creating a future designed just for you, for learning more about the mystic and enigmatic ways of the universe. It is all waiting, just for you, deep inside you. Kim designs and creates items to help you realise your own power, to coax it out and show you what to do with it - and to have fun while you are at it! There is always space for fun! The easiest and fastest way to raise your own vibration and awareness is to have a great laugh.