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DEVIL666ISH is an independent brand based in Taiwan. Mainly selling harnesses and chokers that are turned into cute pop designs of all fashion genres such as goth, Lolita, kawaii and many more. They sell very futuristically designed products that leave thousands wanting more and more.

chokers are close-fitting necklaces worn around the neck, typically 14 inches to 16 inches in length. Chokers at Devil66ish are made out of a variety of materials, including velvet, plastic, beads, latex, leather, metal and many more. Devil666ish chokers specialize in unique designs you would never expect to exist! Their bold designs are the reason they are a well recognised alternative accessory company.

The thing that makes Devill666ish unique is their diversity of fashion genres. They have gothic, punk, Lolita, kawaii, Japan-style, Harajuku style, fetish, and the list goes on! It's your one shop stop for all things cute. Shop at DEVIL666ISH for the best range of unique chokers, harnesses, headpieces and more!

If you need a accessory for your Halloween costume, then Devil666ish is perfect for that! Or maybe you're a frequent cosplayer, and that's totally fine! Because we have a wide range of costumes. Maybe you're heavily inspired by manga, or anime , and if that's the case then Devil66ish is your shop.