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Cosmic, is a fast growing clothing company which provides high quality and exclusive apparels and was established on September 1st, 2001 under the umbrella of Injoynesia Corp.  Their mission is to become the leading youth apparel company in Indonesia; to bring a lifestyle message of joy, independence, creativity and innovation to this global community; to be a place for creativity in music, fashion, art, sport, education, social and culture.

Greetings, Earthlings: you are observing a cosmic corner crafted by one of a kind minds. Cosmic Clothing is a super fun brand, offering great quality t-shirts, tops and prints that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. On anyone's face, for that matter!

This quirky brand is a must-have for anyone who loves funny prints and is all about standing out from the boring, ubiquitous crowd. The range of Cosmic Clothing we offer at Beserk is made up of our top picks - if it doesn't make us laugh or think, you won't find it. Make sure to check back regularly as the Cosmic collection is constantly growing.

Sometimes you just need a thing for no other reason than to have the thing. For example, a Cat Face Pin - the purrfect piece to make the purrfect outfit even better. Or the Prickly Pin Badge - feeling a little bit on the prickly side today? Then go no further than the Prickly Pin. Maybe you want to show off your dark weird side - the Wake Up T-shirt features the messed up rabbit from Donnie Darko against a static style background.

Beserk offers heaps of other brands with the same fun-loving vibe as Cosmic Clothing, such as Fearless Illustration, Punky Pins, Cupcake Cult, and Kreepsville 666. Who doesn't love to see their favourite Disney princesses decked in ink and stretched ears, lip rings and leopard-print crop tanks? No one, that's who.