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Coraline Jones is a young lady who is neglected by her workaholic parents, she struggles to adapt to her new life in the Pink Palace apartments, until she meets the landlady's grandson, Wybie and a stray black cat. Wybie shows Coraline a button eyed ragdoll the eerily looks like her. The doll guides Coraline to a small door in the apartments living room which is bricked up. 

A friendly mouse wakes Coraline and guides her to the door which is now a portal leading to another world. This world resembles the real world. Coraline them meets her other Mother and Father, button-eyed doppelgängers of her parents who appear more attentive and caring. 

Coraline visits the Other World twice more. There, she, accompanied by the mute Other Wybie, is entertained by the dimension's doppelgängers of her neighbours and meets the cat, who has the abilities to traverse between the real world and the Other World and speak in the other world . On the third visit, the Other Mother offers Coraline the opportunity to stay in the Other World permanently, in exchange for having buttons sewn over her eyes. Horrified, Coraline tries to escape back to her world, but the Other Mother prevents her from doing so and imprisons her in a room behind a mirror. 

The plot thickens after Coraline escapes and the Other World Mother kidnaps her parents forcing her to return! 

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