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Central 23 is a product development studio based in Soho, London. They create the funniest puzzles, notebooks, and greeting cards on the planet! Their mission? To make today more fun than yesterday, how amazing!? Central 23 does this by creating products that make life more fun and they obsess over the smallest details to ensure everything is perfect! Why does Central 23 do this? They get a kick out of smiles on faces, belly laughs from jokes and changing someone's day for the better, especially with their super quirky greeting and birthday cards!

Central 23 doesn't just make super awesome cards though! They also take their environmental responsibility seriously, and wherever possible like to manufacture locally using sustainable materials, to ensure we all have a fun and long time on our planet by caring for it and doing their part to help!

Here at Beserk, we love all events! Birthdays, Halloween, ALL CELEBRATIONS!! So why not have a card for all the different life celebrations?! Central 23 has the best cards ever, so shop the range and find the perfect card for the perfect person!