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Buttons is a super talented artist from Brisbane, QLD Australia, creating original designs inspired by Japan, candy, vending machines, cute characters and Japanese Pop culture.  Discover how Brisbane based Japanese-influenced street artist Buttons made the impossible possible! From backstreet murals to clothes, tattooed skin and gallery exhibitions, artist Buttons' typical artistic journey takes her from her bedroom, through her studio and onto any canvas she sees fit. Her artwork is chock filled with bright, vibrant cartoonish pieces that elicits a distinct affinity for, and affiliation with, the unmistakeable style of eastern popular culture. Her collection Fresh Fruit is flourished with collaged ensembles of healthy treats. With a focus on the female body placed into the style of Japanese cartoons, the work of Buttons is bright, distinctive, distinguished, and fresh as fruit.

Buttons always enjoyed drawing and painting and studied graphic design - however she wasn't the biggest fan of designing company logos - she always had the dream of working for herself and creating every day. She has developed her own unique style of creating art - a personal style true to Buttons. Her goal was for someone to look at her pieces without her name being on them, and have it recognised as hers.

With a heavy influence from Japanese culture, Buttons found popularity on Instagram when she began posting her art online, which motivated the young artist to keep going. In an interview with Happy Mag, Buttons said that from the moment she wakes up, she is straight into painting or drawing. She says it's the best way to start the day! Buttons wants to be known as an artist that inspires both guys and girls to be artists, to do whatever they like, push themselves to do more. Buttons has attended graffiti festivals in Australia and has a number of exciting themed projects on the way.

Beserk stocks some enamel pin pieces designed by Buttons, including the "Babe" pin, "Bubble Bear" pin, and the "Milk Carton" pin - all are super adorable and would make a sweet statement decoration on any of your everyday outfits.