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"It's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me". -- Bruce Wayne/Batman. Batman is a fictional superhero created by DC Comics. He made his first appearance in Detective Comics #27 in 1939. Originally called the "Bat-Man", the character is also referred to as the Caped Crusader, the Dark Knight, and the World's Greatest Detective. Batman's secret identity is Bruce Wayne, an extremely wealthy American philanthropist, playboy, and owner of Wayne Enterprises. After witnessing the murder of his parents as a young child, he swore vengeance against all criminals, an oath tempered by a strong sense of justice and an unwavering moral compass. Bruce Wayne trains himself physically and intellectually (and culturally and professionally), and so crafted a bat-inspired persona in order to fight crime as a vigilante. Batman operates within the fictional Gotham City and is assisted by various supporting characters, including his butler Alfred, police commissioner Gordon, and other vigilante allies and sidekicks such as Robin and Batgirl. Unlike most superheroes, Batman does not possess any superpowers; like, none! Rather, he relies on his genius brain, physical prowess, martial arts abilities, detective skills, science and technology, limitless wealth, intimidation and and incorruptible, indomitable force of will. A large assortment of villains serve to challenge Batman's vision. These include the Joker, Penguin, Riddler, Poison Ivy, Mr Freeze, Scarecrow, Two-Face, Bane, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Killer Croc, Hugo Strange, Doctor Hurt, Phantasm, Clayface, and literally hundreds more that have appeared throughout many decades of Batman media. The success of Warner Bros. Pictures' live-action Batman feature films have helped maintain the character's prominence in mainstream culture. Bruce Wayne/Batman is a living fictional character, meaning the actual character still "exists" despite being conceived over 80 years ago. Beserk can assist anyone looking to indulge in their Batman obsession! We stock collectable figurines, Pop! Vinyls, mystery minis, key chains and more!