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In the world of Alternative fashion and Gothic aesthetics, there's a new star on the horizon, and it's radiating an enigmatic charm that's hard to resist. Hailing from the enchanting realm of Queensland, Australia, Mother of Hades is a Gothic Accessory and Jewellery brand that's about to take you on a journey into the unconventional and the extraordinary!

Unveiling the Unconventional: Mother of Hades

Mother of Hades isn't just your run-of-the-mill brand; it's an ode to all things dark and enchanting, an expression of the extraordinary, and a celebration of individuality. But what makes this brand truly exceptional is its unique backstory! Mother of Hades is a tribute to the vibrant, unique, and captivating personality of its creator - a self-proclaimed "smiliest goth" you'll ever meet.

Bold, Expressive, and Unique Gothic Jewellery

With the arrival of Mother of Hades, Beserk now offers a captivating range of Gothic jewellery and Accessories that are set to redefine your style. Each piece from this brand is a statement of individuality, a celebration of diversity, and a testament to the power of self-expression. If you're looking to infuse your look with a touch of the dark and the extraordinary, you've come to the right place!

Q&A with the Artist and Creator - Mother of Hades herself! 

Curious about what the future holds for Mother of Hades? We were too, so we sat down with the brilliant artist behind this remarkable brand and asked a few questions - 

What got you into Gothic Culture, and what is your favorite thing about it? - 

Mother of Hades: Ever since I was a kid, Whenever I saw Alternative, Gothic, Tattooed and Punk people out and about, I knew I wanted to look like that! It’s so creative and self expressive. I'd turn to my mum and say ‘I want to be like that when I’m older!’ My favourite thing about Gothic Culture, would probably have to be the people! Everyone in the community is so incredibly kind and welcoming. Also the music is a big favourite of course, I cannot go a single day without it haha! 

For people who don't know, Where did the name Mother of Hades come from? - 

Mother of Hades: The name actually came from my lil darling boy, Hades! Who is my most prized possession! He’s a little black cat I bought home last year! ‘Hades’ is also a character from one of my favourite movies DIsney's ‘Hercules’! I love it so much so, that I know every single word to the movie! Haha! 

What could we expect from you in the future/what's to come? - 

Mother of Hades: For the future there is definitely more Jewellery and Accessorypieces coming... Even bigger, better and more goth haha! So be sure to keep your eyes peeled...

If you had to choose what cryptid/creature would you be? - 

Mother of Hades: Hmmm... If I were a creature? I'd probably have to say a Sea Siren! They’re beautiful and scary! What's not to love?! 

Embrace the Power of Darkness

With Mother of Hades now a part of the Beserk family, you're invited to embark on a journey of self-discovery, creativity, and a jewellery experience that defies convention. Embrace the power of darkness, reinvent your personal style, and adorn yourself with pieces that are as unique and beautiful as you are. It's time to discover the jewellery line of the smiliest goth- Mother of Hades, now available at Beserk!

Welcome to the Enchanting World of Mother of Hades!


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