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Deliberately slow (don't call them lazy), and spending most of their time happily hanging high up in the treetops (sounds like our idea of a good time), sloths are an endangered species. They are also one of the CUTEST!

Did you know that sloths are actually excellent swimmers, only sleep for about 8-10 hours a day, and live up to 40 years old! They are extremely efficient, even when going to the toilet - which they only do once a week!


At Beserk we love all animals and want to spread the word of the amazing organisations that perform fantastic work in preserving them! Check out our animal charities.

Beserk has recently adopted two adorable little sloths! For only $20 a month, Jack & Quatro have been adopted so that vital work can be done into conservation strategies by The Sloth Conservation Foundation, who are doing amazing things to help research the biology, ecology, genetics and physiology of all 6 sloth species.

mummy sloth baby sloth

Their conservation and awareness strategies include education in local communities, planting forest corridors to connect fragments habitats, building wildlife bridges across major roads, and tree surveys, as well as programs to reduce poaching of baby sloths for the pet trade and tourist photo opportunities.

We truly love these harmless guys and are so excited to be supporting such a great charity as SloCo. And the work they are doing is phenomenal - especially their entertaining and informative blogs about why sloths do NOT make good pets and their regular "Calls to Action" regarding deforestation for agriculture which basically makes sloths homeless (sad face). If you're like us, you have the opportunity to donate to the foundation or even Adopt a Sloth!


Beserk carries a range of adorable Sloth items:

The Sloth Lounge Slippers will keep your feet warm and cosy during the colder months. These super soft and cute slippers are so comfy and feature your favourite buddy on the front.

sloth slippers


Do you feel like a sloth before your morning coffee? Slothee Needs Coffee

slothee needs coffee


This adorable little sloth figurine with a wobbly head. The Sloth Bobblehead is a fantastic homewares addition, a great desk companion or for your car, and will remind you to take it slow and steady.

sloth bobblehead


Adorable Mini LED Light which emits a soft warm glow. Battery powered so you can take this little cutie wherever you go!

sloth led light lamp


Slow Brew Tea Infuser - Learn how to slow down and relax with a nice cup of your favourite loose leaf tea. This sweet sloth tea infuser is made from heat resistant silicone and is happy as Larry to hang on your cup or mug of tea while it steeps. The infuser will remain cool to the touch for easy removal, re-heats in the microwave no problem, easy to open, and is safe for dishwashers. 

sloth slow brew tea infuser


Support Sloths! Beserk's full range of Sloth items here