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VAMPED UP! is a music and media variety show, featuring artists from Australia and beyond, and an official partner of Beserk!

Hosted by Vamp Barbie (Vee, who is also the owner/founder/managing director) VAMPED UP! is a fun, quirky, and deliciously dark platform for new and upcoming alternative (and mainstream) music groups, both local, interstate, and international!

Want to see some new and exciting bands? Head over to her website VAMPED UP! where Vee conducts interviews at music festivals, talks with bands via Skype, promotes local bands, and more!

VAMPED UP! covers charity events, movie events, and all the Alternative, Punk, Rock, Hardcore, Heavy Metal, and core artists. Plus all the genres and subgenres in between!

VAMPED UP! supports and gives the deserved recognition to the many talented artists and musicians who can't seem to get a break, along with the many venues and festivals that deserve the attendance of these relatively-unknown bands!

With a feature "Musician/Band of the Month" every month, Vee goes in-depth with the artist/band!

Be sure to check out the VAMPED UP! YouTube channel and visit the socials:

Vamped Up! Twitter

Vamped Up! Facebook

Vamped Up! Instagram


If you're a band/promoter/founder/director of your own event, record label, producer or venue, then do yourself a favour and reach out! They'll be happy to tailor to suit your next event/gig or other!
Enquiries: or ~
Phone: +61 488 918 929

Vamp Barbie ~ Vee, is partnered with, and deliciously dressed by, Beserk! Most of the fashion you see Vee wearing, can be purchased from our store! Gothic tops, punk pants, chokers, wigs, footwear, and so much more alternative clothing and grunge accessories!

Come and be bitten and support your local bands! 

Much Love 'n Blood,

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