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Sleepy Hollows Wombat Sanctuary.

Where wombats dominate and humans accommodate!

Sleepy Hollows is a self-funded wombat rescue sanctuary in New South Wales, Australia. They specialise in rehabilitating injured, orphaned, and pet wombats.

The ultimate goal is to release the wombats back into the wild - the bush where they belong!

The sanctuary was initially started to deal with injured wombats, but over the years the amount of "pet" wombats that end up requiring help has increased substantially. Pet wombats in particular take a lot of time and dedication to reverse the damage done by humans.

Their work includes relocating wombats, assisting local councils and farmers, educating children and people in general about wombats, encouraging co-existence in our ever-changing world.

Check out their website HERE for info about donating or volunteering.

If you love, like, are interested in, or just want to learn about wombats, follow their Facebook page HERE.

Key Facts:

  • --The largest wombat sanctuary in the world.
  • --Cared for over 1300 wombats over 15 years.
  • --Totally volunteer-run and tax deductible charity.
  • --President Donna Stephen has received an OAM.
  • --One of six Dodo heroes in 2019 with a recent episode on Animal Planet.
  • --With Gundaroo Vet, considered the world's leading experts on bared nosed wombats.

Beserk have recently become donors to this amazing sanctuary, and we encourage you too as well!





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