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SDCC18 Funko Exclusive Releases!

SDCC 18 is live! ❤️ The San Diego Comic Con Limited Edition Funko Range is available now at Beserk! ❤️Stock is very limited!

We will be having 2 Releases of stock.

1st Release - at 7am
2nd Release - Midday

Shop here >>


Update: 8th August - We received a very small restock of the SDCC Pops and have added them to site. Sorry for anyone that missed out. We had alot of people waiting on this restock and all restocked items sold immediately.

Update: 31st July - We do have another order on the way for the SDCC stock, but we do not know what we have been allocated yet. We have placed an order for restocks of all releases & our suppliers site was showing all releases available, but we have been told that the site stock levels were not reliable and they will send what they can. So we are unsure of final release quantities. Until we know we will leave all designs available on our site, and will disable them as soon as we hear they are not coming back into stock.


Beserk will carry limited stock from the San Diego Comic Con 2018 Funko Release.

Stock will be available at 2 times on our site. 

20th July - 1st Release - 7am EST, 2nd Release - 12pm EST

These are the releases we will have available at both times..

Flintstones - Captain Caveman Pop!
Sailor Moon - Black Lady Pop!
Ant-Man - Classic Ant-Man
Batman - Red Hood Pop!'
Bob's Burgers - Tina on Unicorn Pop! Ride
Captain America - Cap & Red Skull Dorbz 2pk
Destiny - Sweeper Bot Pop!
Doug | Skeeter Valentine
Dragon Ball Super - Yamcha Dead Pop!
Dragon Ball Z - Broly Super Saiyan Pop!
Dragon Ball Z - Vegeta GD
Flash - Flash Running TR
Game of Thrones - Dragons Dorbz 4pk
Game of Thrones - Olenna Tyrell Pop!
GotG2 - Kraglin Pop!
Green Hornet - Grn Hornet & Kato 2pk
Hanna Barbera - Muttley & Dastardly Vynl
Hanna Barbera - Quickdraw Baba Looey Vynl
Harry Potter - Moaning Myrtle TR Pop!
Harry Potter - Nearly Headless Nick Glow
Heavy Metal - Taarna BS
Hellboy - Hellboy Suit Pop!
Hercules - Pain & Panic Pop! 2pk
Incredibles 2 - Jack Jack Emote Pop!
Iron Man - Iron Man Mk1 10th ANNIV Pop!
Jessica Jones - Jessica Rock Candy
Kingdom Hearts - Mickey Org13 Unhood
Looney Tunes - Pepe Le Pew Pop!
Looney Tunes - Playboy Penguin Pop!
Moana - Tamatoa Neon Pop!
MotU - Ram Man Pop!
MotU - Skeletor & Faker Vnyl
MotU - Stinkor Pop! Scented | SDCC 2018 US Excl Pop!
Overwatch - Soldier: 17 Grillmaster Pop!
Ren & Stimpy - HappyHappy JoyJoy Dorbz 2pk
Rick & Morty - Western Morty Pop!
Rick & Morty - Western Rick Pop!
Riverdale - Josie Pop!
Royal Tenenbaums - Richie & Margot Vynl
Saga - Ghus w/ Pajamas FL Pop!
Scott Pilgrim - Matthew & Demon Pop! 2pk
Star Wars: Clone Wars - Cad Bane Pop!
Stranger Things - Billy & Karen Pop!
Stranger Things - Dustin Snow Ball Pop!
Stranger Things - Steve w/Bandana Dorbz
Teen Titans Go! - Killer Moth Pop!
Thor 3 - Thor w/Odin Force Pop!
Thor 3 - Valkyrie Heroic Pop!
Wreck-It-Ralph - Fix It Felix 8-bits Pop!
Wreck-It-Ralph - Ralph 8-bits Pop!

#edcc18 #funko





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