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Hello Beserkers! We hope you are all well because we have an AMAZING release that'll be sure to brighten up your Tuesday! ❤️
We are welcoming some new and oh so kawaii Sanrio x New Girl Order appareland sleepwear to Beserk!! That's right, all of you Hello Kitty and Kuromi lovers better head to to the new section, because this collection is too cute for its own good! ❤️ Giving us major cozy Y2K vibes, this release is everything we needed and more! 

Kuromi Apparelby New Girl Order! - 💜

We always LOVE getting in new products for our Beserkers to browse and get excited over but OMG y'all aren't ready for this Kuromi collection! If you're not too sure who our girl Kuromi is, to sum it up, She's a badass Sanrio (Hello Kitty's creator) character that is super goth/punk and is even born on Halloween! 💜

Fun Fact - She's actually become quite a popular character for the punk, scene, and goth crowds due to her appearance because we love her whole vibe and totally relate to her! 💜

 long sleeve kuromi teekuromi skirt and topkuromi shirt

In this amazing Y2K inspired Kuromi x New Girl Order collection, we have a long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirt as well as a cropped tank and a matching skirt! Showcasing the spunk and cuteness that Kuromi epitomises! 💜

Hello Kitty Sleepwear by New Girl Order! - 💗

If you're not a Kuromi fan then you will absolutely LOVE New Girl Order's Hello Kitty sleepwear collection! Of course you know Hello Kitty, the iconic Sanrio character, so why not relive a Y2K Slumber Party moment!? Perfect for our Pastelloving friends or just anyone who loves a kawaii moment for bedtime! 💗 Just have a look! 

Hello Kitty | SLEEP SET Hello Kitty | SLEEP DRESSHello Kitty: Popcorn & Stars | SLEEP SET+Hello Kitty: Sweet Dreams | SLEEP SET

In this super kawaii Y2K inspired Hello KittyNew Girl Order collection, we have long sleeve pyjama sets and short sleeve pj set as well as a fur trimmed sleep dress! Perfect for a cute nights sleep and giving Y2K baddie vibes! 💗

We are so in love with this collection from New Girl Order featuring our Punk princess Kuromi and our Icon, Hello Kitty! Tell us in the comments below what your fave piece from the collection is and why and be sure to browse the whole collection here💗

Stay Spooky (and cute)! 💗

- Beserk xx 

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