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Following from their momentous collaboration with Marilyn Manson in 2016 & 2017, Killstar are back with a ghoulish range of deadly delights! The new "Hellbilly Deluxe" collection infuses the dark gothic aesthetic of Killstar with Rob Zombie's iconic horror artwork and affiliation with the occult and the supernatural.


rob zombie logo


A match made in Hell! Rob Zombie and Killstar suit each other perfectly, as this collaboration shows. "Hellbilly Deluxe" (Zombie's debut album, released 20 years ago in 1998) was a massive billboard triumph for both fans of heavier alternative music, and alternative graphic artists and fashion designers.


killstar logo


The Hellbilly Deluxe Killstar collection pays tribute to Rob Zombie's ominous, schlock horror-themed prints from his early tours, alongside graphic iterations of his formidable directorial work in film - all with the uniquely macabre Killstar touch of bondage straps, buckles, branded hardware and a significant eye for detail, all within a black colour theme.


 rob zombie band


Featuring women's and men's wear and unisex pieces, and fuelled with the terror inspired by the dread of the undead, key items include 'Living Dead Girl' bondage hoodie; showing boldly a hidden skull mask, bondage straps and graphic, eye-catching skeletal prints. The 'Living Dead Girl' Hockey Jersey and 'Living Dead Girl Dead BF' top are particularly riveting - both feature bold graphic prints of the original Living Dead Girl (Sheri Moon Zombie - Rob Zombie's wife and longtime partner in proverbial crime).


Living Dead Girl Bondage Hoodie >>

living dead girl hoodie

The 'Living Dead Girl' bondage hoodie is loaded with detail; large oversized hood, statement Rob Zombie prints on the front, back and sleeves, D-ring detail and detachable bondage straps, hidden front pockets and ribbed cuffs. Constructed in smooth 100% cotton-jersey so its perfect for day-to-day wear. Wear a size up for a more relaxed look; uni[hex]sex so it's for anyone!


Living Dead Girl Dead BF Top >>

living dead girl bf top


 Are you an irresistible creature with an insatiable love for the dead? Then you're a Living Dead Girl! This top features an oversized scoop neck top - in a super soft cotton blend with just the right amount of stretch, bound neck and cuffs, extra long-length body [seriously versatile] with large contrast Rob Zombie print on the front and back. Effortless style! Ideal for any kind of gloom and/or doom, horror movie marathons and any type of chill. Horns up!


Dead Girl Superstar Crop Hoodie >>

dead girl superstar

dead girl superstar crop hoodie

Channel the underworld with the 'Dead Girl Superstar' hooded top - loaded with detail to bring life/death to any outfit! This is a seriously killer piece - featuring soft-touch cotton-jersey fabric, super cropped body with oversized hood and skull mask included, long sleeves with D-ring accent and detachable straps. Statement Rob Zombie prints on the front, back and sleeves. A true layering masterpiece! Works well over your favourite dresses, tops, vests and more.


Demonoid Midi Dress >>

demonoid midi dress

Dead on Dreaming. Here is the 'Demonoid' midi dress in a body-defining stretch-jersey, with pentagram statement chest, adjustable straps with eyelet detailing and finished with a bold Rob Zombie repeat-pattern to front and back. Hidden zip to back for easy on/off. Ready to slay!


 Dragula Penta Leggings >>

dragula leggings

Dig through the ditches and burn through the witches! The unliving 'Dragula' leggings boast the softest breathable cotton-jersey fabric that fits like a glove to accentuate your living dead girl curves - complete with mesh panels, statement pentagrams and wide elastic waistband. Adorned with a bold Rob Zombie pattern all over. Ready to schlock 'n' roll! Match with anything - looks killer with oversized t-shirts and tops.


Hellbilly Hockey Jersey >>

hellbilly hockey jersey

Ready to channel the undead? The 'Hellbilly' hockey jersey with extra-long length body will have you sorted whenever you open up the gates to hell. Features contrasting Rob Zombie graphics on the front and sleeves. Complete with oversized hood, V-neckline and D-ring details. Keeping it dead-chill with a unisex fit, so it's for everyone! Get a size up for a more relaxed look!


Hellbilly Socks >>

hellbilly socks

Get a deluxe case of 'Hellbilly' with these long sport socks! Cute footwear for any Living Dead Girl! Features extra-length for above-the-knee wear and contrasting Rob Zombie graphic text in red and black. Too ghoul for school - just the way you like it! Socks complete your looks as easily; makes perfect gift ideas!


Call Of The Zombie Choker >>

call of the zombie choker


Channel the legend himself with the 'Call Of The Zombie' choker. Featuring  contrasting silver Rob Zombie statement hardware logo on a plaque, and metallic chains - attached to a vegan leather base and completed with an adjustable buckle at the back for the perfect fit. Brings any outfit back to the undead realm - time to schlock 'n' roll!


Hot Hell Handbag >>

hot hell handbag

Feel the heat with the 'Hot Hell' handbag; featuring a vegan gloss-leather body, decorated with statement Rob Zombie graphics - complete with multiple storage spaces and classic lining. Big enough to fit yer essentials without becoming too bulky. Oh-my-ghoul - A total must-have!

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