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New York Comic Con is the LARGEST pop culture event on the east coast of the USA, hosting all the latest comics, anime and manga, video games, movies and toys. 

Beserk will be stocking the new exclusive release Limited Edition Funko Range from the Fall Convention of the New York Comic Con. These Pop! Vinyl Figures will sit uniquely among your collection. But stocks are extremely limited!

The demand for these Funko Convention Exclusive products is much, much higher than the quantity that are made available for sale. Covering many different franchises, these tend to be some of the most popular releases of the year.




Release date: Friday 4th October 2019

Release time: 2pm


Due to agreements with our supplier we are unable to reveal what Convention Exclusive products will be available for sale until the time of the event.

During these special events, our emails and live chats increase dramatically.  Please be patient and know that we WILL respond to you as quickly as we can!

Please also note the following:


Product Availability:

    ❤️ Beserk will NOT be releasing a list of which products we will have available for sale until the 7am Friday 5th October. 
    ❤️ All Funko Convention Exclusive items are subject to per-person limits – Limit of 1 of each Pop per person.  Any orders received that include more than 1 of each, will have the extra products cancelled from the order, and the difference refunded back to the original payment method.  Customers will be emailed in this instance.
    ❤️ Stocks are very limited, and demand will outweigh product availability.  So we recommend you checkout immediately.  Adding a product to your cart does not reserve the item until you complete the checkout process.  If someone checks out before you, you may miss out.  Beserk will not be responsible if a product is no longer available.
    ❤️ Due to the demand for the products, we do have occasions where 2 orders are placed at the same time. In this case, the order that shows first in our Order Admin will receive the stock. We are very sorry if this does happen, but in the rare case it does, the out of stock item will be refunded immediately.
    ❤️ Orders will be taken via our website only – no phone orders.
    ❤️ These products are not available for pre-order. 
    ❤️ We are unable to reserve stock for customers; the only way to secure your products is to purchase them immediately via the website.
    ❤️ Please note that the commencement time for the event is as specified by our suppliers. Our normal business hours are 9.30am – 5.30pm.



      ❤️ All Funko Convention Exclusives will be sent out the way that Beserk receives the stock from Funko.
      ❤️ We will not be held liable, nor is there any recourse if the item you receive has a different sticker then that pictured, or is un-stickered. All Funko Convention Exclusives products regardless of whether they have a sticker will be treated as an exclusive item.
      ❤️ If your item arrives with damaged packaging due to postal services, we cannot guarantee that we will have a replacement box. Please contact our customer service team at, including photos of the packaging and any damages.  It will be at Beserk’s discretion as to how any damaged products are dealt with. 


      Restricted Shipping (RS): 

          ❤️ At this stage all Funko Convention Exclusives are still under (RS) Restricted Shipping and cannot be sent to international customers.  Any international orders received will be cancelled and refunded immediately.


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              FUNKO NYCC PREVIEWS! Please note we are unsure what stock we will be getting! We cannot guarantee that we are able to stock the below previews. These are only the previews released by Funko.


              2001: A Space Odyssey #823 Dr. Frank Poole



              Ad Icons - Pez Mimic the Monkey with Red Overalls


              Ad Icons - Blonde Pez Girl



              Artists #01 Keith Haring


              Artists - Jean-Michel Basquiat


              Avatar - Cabbage Man & Cart


              Avengers Endgame - Iron Man with Gauntlet


              Babe Ruth



              Back to the Future - Marty McFly in Space Suit as "Darth Vader"



              Borderlands #518 Butt Stallion



              DC Super Heroes #144 Batman Pink Chrome



              DC Super Heroes #285 Huntress



              Community - Britta



              Daria #674 Daria



              Disney - Donald Duck Firefighter


              Disney Parks Rides #66 Matterhorn Bobsled with Mickey Mouse


              Doctor Who - Tzim-Sha


              Dragon Ball Z #669 Vegeta Final Flash


              Dragon Ball Z #670 Piccolo in Lotus Position



              Dune - Feyd-Rautha



              Freddy Funko - NYPD Officer Freddy


              Game of Thrones #77 Missandei


              Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 #519 Stan Lee Cameo Astronaut


              H.R. Pufnstuf - Clang


              H.R. Pufnstuf - Cling


              H.R. Pufnstuf - Witchiepoo




              Harry Potter - Argus Filch with Mrs. Norris


              Harry Potter #102 Madame Maxime 6" Super-Sized


              Hello Kitty #27 Hello Kitty (Lady Liberty)



              Icons #22 Edgar Allen Poe with Book



              Jay and Silent Bob 2-Pack - Bluntman & Chronic


              Killer Klowns from Outer Space #822 Slim


              Marvel 80th 526 Captain Marvel / Mar-Vell First Appearance


              Marvel 80th - Ms. Marvel First Appearance


              Marvel 80th - Nick Fury First Appearance


              My Hero Academia #636 Hero Killer Stain


              My Hero Academia - Dabi

              Overwatch - Biohazard Wrecking Ball 6" Super-Sized


              Rocks #132 Debbie Harry - Blondie


              Samurai Jack 2-Pack: Aku & Samurai Jack


              Stranger Things #881 Suzie


              The Green Hornet 2-Pack: Green Hornet & Kato


              The Office #882 Dwight with Bobblehead


              The Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors #824 Evil Groundskeeper Willie


              The Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors #825 Vampire Mr. Burns


              Toy Story #618 Benson Ventriloquist Dummy


              Up Movie Town #05 Kevin with Up House


              The Warriors - Baseball Furies / Baseball Fury


              Wacky Races - Clyde


              Wacky Races - Professor Pat Pending



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