NY18 is live! The Fall Convention New York Comic Con Limited Edition Funko Range is available now at Beserk!



❤  Stock is very limited!

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We will have 2 releases of stock - 7am and Midday AEST


These are the releases we will have available at both times..


Aquaman - Arthur Curry Pop! NY18 RS

Avengers 2 - Hulk vs Hulkbuster MM Pop! NY18 RS

Batman - Batman Golden Midas 5Star NY18 RS

Batman - Batman ORG CH Pop! NY18 RS

Batman - Harley Quinn Pink 5Star NY18 RS

Black Panther - Okoye w/Red Dress Pop! NY18 RS

Brady Bunch - Jan & George Glass Pop! 2pk NY18 RS

Coming To America - Akeem & Randy Vynl. NY18 RS

Coraline - Coraline in PJs Pop! NY18 RS

Dr Who - Vashta Nerada Pop! NY18 RS

Dragon Ball Z - Great Ape Vegeta 6" Pop! NY18 RS

Dragon Ball Z - Vegeta BU CH Pop! NY18 RS

Fallout - Assaultron Invader GW Pop! NY18 RS

Fantastic Beasts 2 - Augurey Pop! NY18 RS

Flash - Killer Frost TV Pop! NY18 RS

Game of Thrones - Beric w/Flame Sword Pop! NY18 RS

Garbage Pail Kids - Adam Bomb MT Pop! NY18 RS

Gremlins - Gremlins in 3D Glasses Vynl. NY18 RS

Harry Potter - Hermione w/Sorting Hat Pop! NY18 RS

Harry Potter - Professor Quirrell Pop! NY18 RS

Iron Man - Ironheart UM Dorbz NY18 RS

Justice League - Flash, Sman Race Pop! 2pk NY18 RS

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Sora as Guardian Pop! NY18 RS

Married w/Children - Action Figure 4pk NY18

Marvel Studios - Shuri CH Pop! NY18 RS

Mickey Mouse - 90th Little Whirlwind Pop! NY18 RS

Mickey Mouse - B&W Mini Vinyl Figures 2pk NY18 RS

New Girl - CeCe Parekh Pop! NY18 RS

Notorious BIG - Biggie Crown&Glasses Pop! NY18 RS

One Piece - Brook Pop! NY18 RS

Overwatch - Coldhardt Reinhardt 6" Pop! NY18 RS

Rick & Morty - Gearhead Pop! NY18 RS

Rushmore - Max Fischer, Herman Blume Vynl. NY18 RS

SNL - Doug & Steve Butabi Pop! 2pk NY18 RS

SpiderMan - Carnage w/Tendrils Pop! NY18 RS

SpiderMan - Spider-Woman Classic Pop! NY18 RS

Star Wars: Clone Wars - Captain Rex Pop! NY18 RS

Supergirl - Supergirl TV Pop! NY18 RS

TaleSpin - Shere Khan Hands Together Pop! NY18 RS

The Predator - Fugitive Predator TR Pop! NY18 RS

The Shining - The Grady Twins Rock Candy NY18 RS

Thor 3 - Korg & Miek Pop! NY18 RS

Toy Story - Pizza Planet Truck Pop! Ride NY18 RS

Wonder Woman - First Appearance Pop! NY18 RS

Wreck-It Ralph 2 - Comfy Pocah Rock Candy NY18 RS




Release date: 5th October 2018

Release times – 7am and 12 midday


Due to agreements with our supplier we are unable to reveal what Convention Exclusive products will be available for sale until the time of the event.


During these special events, our emails and live chats increase dramatically.  Please be patient and know that we WILL respond to you as quickly as we can!

Please also note the following:


Product Availability:

    ❤️ Beserk will NOT be releasing a list of which products we will have available for sale until the 7am Friday 5th October. 
    ❤️ All Funko Convention Exclusive items are subject to per-person limits – Limit of 1 of each Pop per person.  Any orders received that include more than 1 of each, will have the extra products cancelled from the order, and the difference refunded back to the original payment method.  Customers will be emailed in this instance.
    ❤️ Stocks are very limited, and demand will outweigh product availability.  So we recommend you checkout immediately.  Adding a product to your cart does not reserve the item until you complete the checkout process.  If someone checks out before you, you may miss out.  Beserk will not be responsible if a product is no longer available.
    ❤️ Due to the demand for the products, we do have occasions where 2 orders are placed at the same time. In this case, the order that shows first in our Order Admin will receive the stock. We are very sorry if this does happen, but in the rare case it does, the out of stock item will be refunded immediately.
    ❤️ Orders will be taken via our website only – no phone orders.
    ❤️ These products are not available for pre-order. 
    ❤️ We are unable to reserve stock for customers; the only way to secure your products is to purchase them immediately via the website.
    ❤️ Please note that the commencement time for the event is as specified by our suppliers. Our normal business hours are 9.30am – 5.30pm.
    ❤️ RESTOCKS - We have placed a restock for some designs, but we are unsure what stock is available until it arrives at Beserk HQ.


      ❤️ All Funko Convention Exclusives will be sent out the way that Beserk receives the stock from Funko.
      ❤️ We will not be held liable, nor is there any recourse if the item you receive has a different sticker then that pictured, or is un-stickered. All Funko Convention Exclusives products regardless of whether they have a sticker will be treated as an exclusive item.
      ❤️ If your item arrives with damaged packaging due to postal services, we cannot guarantee that we will have a replacement box. Please contact our customer service team at orders@beserk.com.au, including photos of the packaging and any damages.  It will be at Beserk’s discretion as to how any damaged products are dealt with. 


      Restricted Shipping (RS): 

          ❤️ At this stage all Funko Convention Exclusives are still under (RS) Restricted Shipping and cannot be sent to international customers.  Any international orders received will be cancelled and refunded immediately.

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