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First things first, who is Soap Cult?

Soap Cult is a Brisbane based alternative soap company that was first established in 2010. Who personally ensures every soap looks amazing not only in your bathroom but also on your skin. Who doesn't love supporting small local businesses that strive to make their products perfect! Their products are inspired by secret societies, cults and occult magic from around the world and the brand is designed to reflect how their soap makes you feel, as though you're apart of a secret cult as few understand the luxurious feeling of Soap Cult soap.  Soap Cult's mission is to banish boring soaps and bath times with their gorgeous cruelty free, vegan soaps handmade in Brisbane. 

Why are Soap Cult awesome?

Not only is Soap Cult an awesome Aussie brand that produces gorgeous soaps but they also have firm standards and ethics when it comes to their products and how they are made. When you buy Soap Cult's products you are supporting not only a small business but one that is also ethical and environmentally friendly, as they are cruelty and palm oil free, vegan and single use plastic free (since 2018). They also are annual members of the Australian Conversation Foundation, Humane Research Australia, The Smith family and also donate soap to Goodna Street Life which houses and supports homeless and vulnerable people in Australia. 

Where to buy and how much?

Well eight of Soap Cult's amazing products are available at Beserk now! We have six body soaps and two facial soap bars live now on our site and ready to go into your cart and eventually the bathroom! These soaps are fantastic value for money as the body soaps are 135gs and the facial soaps are 80gs as well as looking, smelling and feeling incredible. You can definitely tell these products are handmade and high quality but these products are super cheap for how amazing they are! Their body soaps are only $12.95 and the facial soaps are $16.95 and will last 2-3 months, used daily. 

Which Soap Cult soaps do we have available? 

Scroll down and enjoy the ride!!


Bright and effervescent, Devotion hits you like a fruity tonne of bricks. Made with lovers of strong, lingering fragrance in mind, you’ll soon devote yourself to a life of lather, rinse, repeat. This bar is a crisp, buttercream colour, paired with brightly coloured salt crystals that looks at home in your bathroom. Devotion Body Soap is one of the finer things in life. Refined, elegant and committed to making you smell purdy.

Top Notes: Tart raspberries, Greenery

Heart Notes: Fizzy bubbles, Roses, Ripe strawberry

Base Notes: Tonka bean







Created especially for handmade soap newbies and Soap Cult virgins. Soap Cult have taken their premium, skin softening soap recipe and added nothing but their secret, signature fragrance. Made without any colour, the bar is a warm, almost translucent beige with cloud-like, textural swirls on top. 

The perfect introduction to the conceptual range of handmade soap.

Top Notes: Warm buttermilk

Heart Notes: Banana bread, Hazelnuts

Base Notes: Sweet bread







Brimstone is the ultimate soap for myth lovers and mystery hunters. Black with skin detoxifying Activated Charcoal and swirled with red to replicate hot, ancient rock. Bathing with this soap transports your senses to another world.

Soup Cult's premium, skin softening soap recipe is the perfect base for this surreal fragrance. Rich with hydrating vegan butters and oils, your dry and sensitive skin will be soft and fragrant even with frequent handwashing.

Top Notes: Powdery burnt vanilla

Heart Notes: Honeyed rock

Base Notes: Oudh wood, Sandalwood







The intoxicating fragrance of nag champa incense evokes a cleansing ritual with each wash of your hands or body. Delicately swirled colours and organic rose buds add an unexpected texture to the otherwise rich and creamy lather. Ritual is a multi-tasking soap. 

This meditative fragrance will shift your consciousness.

Top Notes: Greenery

Heart Notes:Incense, Ageing florals

Base Notes:Sandalwood, Patchouli








Are you one of us? Are you a coffee lover? Well, Soap Cult have taken Organic Byron Bay Coffee and mixed a generous helping into their premium, small-batch soap recipe. Jolt your senses awake with a real coffee scent and caffeine enriched scrub.

Top Notes:Steamed almond milk 

Heart Notes:Hazelnut

Base Notes:Rich espresso









Welcome the dawn with this uplifting handmade body soap made with real mango pulp. Ultra-hydrating mango butter softens your parched skin and the textural calendula flower adds anAustralian scent transports you amongst the bush blooms.

Top Notes:Tea tree, Lemon

Heart Notes:Orange, Lemon myrtle

Base Notes:Cedar, Sandalwood, Patchouli









Get your skincare routine back to basics with Baptism - an essential oil and clay enriched facial soap for combination skin. This natural cleanser bar smells divine and quickly puffs into a creamy lather; making the bar last for ages. Mild exfoliants and gentle, balancing ingredients help restore your skin.

Baptism's mellow blend of essential oils smells peaceful and soothing. 






Sanctum facial soap Get back to basics with the essential oil and clay enriched natural cleanser for dry, mature and fragile skin. This bar is gentle, low sudsing and contains lashing of Shea Butter which remains on the skin to soothe and moisturise. Sandalwood Powder and Ground Oatmeal gently refine your delicate skin without irritation.

When it comes to your face, it's important to have a soap with the right fatty acid profile, not just the right additives.

Need a reason to buy these?

Well if you're not already sold on these awesome products then you can always get them as a gift for anyone and everyone! There's something for everyone with Soap Cult's amazing products now available through us. We are so happy to have Soap Cult now added to our other beloved brands and hope you all enjoy them as much as we do! 

- Beserk xx


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