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Hello Beserkers! Happy Thursday! We hope you are having an awesome week and if not we have a new Winter Clothing drop from Restyle that will be sure to perk you right up! We're excited to introduce Restyle's brand-new collection, which promises to unleash your unique style, set new trends and keep you warm this Winter Season! Get ready to embark on a journey of self-expression, as we dive into the captivating world of Restyle's spectacular new Winter drop! 🖤


This phenomenal Gothic Cathedral Hoodie from Restyle is perfect for your alternative wardrobe and will pair perfectly with all of your outfits! Just look at how beautiful it is! 🖤

The oversized hood will keep you warm and dry in rainy and windy days. On the full length of hoodie there is beautiful unique printing of Cathedral motifs and a delicate chiffon veil on the full length of hoodie adds a very beautiful Gothic look! It's ethereal and will look amazing on windy and rainy days! Featuring a veil sewn on the full length of hoodie to keep you even more mysterious with a full length zipper to ensure you stay warm! Paired this stunning hoodie with leggings as a dress, it will work in casual looks, also in all sorts of gothic outfits and looks too! 🖤

 Photo credit to @Bluexastrid on Instagram! 


Keep out the cold in style! The Futuro Siberian faux fur hooded coat is the perfect winter companion, with a cozy hood that satisfies even the most stubborn of haters. Snuggle up and stay toasty, no matter what the graveyard stroll throws at you. 🖤

The Futuro Siberian Hooded Coat is a winter essential! Slip into this cozy black suede number, insulated with a teddy bear-like fabric to keep you toasty all season long. Featuring a waist-cut for a feminine look and a detachable faux fur-trimmed hood, you'll be ready to brave the cold in style!

Slay the cold weather with the stylishly dark Futuro Siberian Hooded Coat! With its waist-accentuating shape and asymmetrical sides, this gothic coat will leave you feeling as sleek and mysterious as the full moon. Not to mention, the trimmings of artificial leather and crescent-moon-ended zipper create a look that is sure to bewitch everyone around you! 🖤


Look no further than the Nightwalker Long Cardigan by Restyle for your chic winter look. Put the chill on pause with this luxurious and versatile cardigan, equipped to put some practical pockets in your style. No matter the season, no matter the occasion, you'll have a look that will kill! 🖤

Nothing says warmth and coziness like the Nightwalker! And you won't have to sacrifice your signature style for it either. Its classic silhouette and minimalist look will keep you looking classy and polished no matter the situation. Who needs a basic coat when you can have a long cardigan you can rock all year long? 🖤


Of course that's not all! We had to retcok some of your faves ranging from Restyle's cozy leggings, stunning jewellery, awesome accessories and all sorts of clothing you've been waiting for to be restocked! So be sure to check out our Restyle collection now to see if some of your faves have been restocked!! 🖤

Happy Shopping Beserkers! 🖤
Stay Spooky!! 🖤

- Beserk xx

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