New Killstar Homewares!! Posted on 8 Apr 10:59 , 0 comments

Happy Friday Beserkers!! Are you keen for the weekend? I know we are! What could possible make the end of the week better than some new amazing Killstar Homewares?! This new homewares ranges will totally transform your crypt into a home all your fellow ghouls will kill for! There's always space on the walls, so why not add some shelves that level up your home decor status!! Let's check them out! 

Killstar Shelves

Cross your heart and hope to die! Bless your crypt with the altimate addition to your home decor, Killstar's Cross Shelf! With six spacious boxes, storage never looked cuter. Pop your fave crystals or even some plants for a cute nature witch vibe, perfect for any home

Cross shelf

Hex this and Hex that! With Killstar's Hexagram shelf this will make those drab walls in your house look fab! Who ever thought a shelf could add so much? We didn't! These four compartments are perfect for anything from bits and bobs to even your most important possessions! Turn your haunted house into a haunted home with the Hexagram shelf


Till death do us part, or heartbreak that is... Heartbreak has never looked cooler with Killstar's Soulmates shelf! This practical and stylish wooden broken heart shelf, is all black to match your soul! Perfect for storing your magical objects like crystals, candles or just have it simply to decorate your wall! Regardless this will make your home a heartbreaker! 

Soulmates shelf

Killstar's newest travel suitcase - 

Going somewhere..? Bring a bit of magic on your adventures out the crypt, when you do leave of course! The 'Tomb' travel suitcase will sure cause a stir on your trips to Transylvania. A hard protective case in a custom skull mold, collapsible handle and four wheels so you can be on a constant roll. All black like your soul! With zip closure, multi compartments and just the right size for your carry-on! Perfect for any travelling goth on the run! 

tomb travel case

Thank you for coming on this homewares journey with us and be sure to check out these amazing new Killstar additions to your crypt and happy spending! Have an awesome weekend! 

- Beserk xx