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Beserk is welcoming Nemesis Now to our growing list of amazing brands, providing some of the most unique products, from door mats, goblets, ornaments, books & so much more.

Decorate your house with some awesome, high quality products:

The Baphomet Antiquity - $38.95

baphomet antiquity nemesis now

The Baphomet Door Knocker - $34.95

baphomet door knocker nemesis now

The Baphomet Leather Journal - $48.95

baphomet leather journal

The Baphomet Tankard - $58.95

baphomet tankard nemesis now

The Carpe Noctem Goblet - $44.95

carpe noctem goblet nemesis now

The Cthulhu Ornament - $44.95

cthulhu ornament nemesis now

The Embossed Dream Book - $22.95

lucky black cat nemesis now

The Poison Mug - $24.95

poison mug nemesis now

The Poison Potion Bottle - $22.95

poison potion bottle nemesis now

The Wolfsbane Potion Bottle - $22.95

wolfsbane potion bottle nemesis now

The Baphomet Door Mat - $39.95

baphomet door mat nemesis now

We love decorating our space with anything and everything cute and alternative! We have so many different styles here at Beserk, with amazing kawaii products, witchy, unicorn, gothic & so much more!

We include all the weird, odd, unique, quirky and fun things we can find so you can create a new and personalised space, so don't miss out because we know you love them too. Get your hands on some amazing products from Nemesis Now today.

Check out the full collection HERE




Beserk xx