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Hello Beserkers!! Happy Hump Day! You know what day is creeping around the corner? That's right! It's Mother's Day! Now Mother's Day may be a touchy time for some, however Mother's Day doesn't just have to be for the person who brought you into the world! Mother's Day can be for your 'Mum' friend in your friendship group, that one coworker that is always looking out for you! The person/people who raised you and so many more! 

Even though some people may not celebrate Mother's Day, for most it is a special occasion to celebrate the most important people in our lives! It's a time to express our love and appreciation for all that our mothers do and have done for us! Now, as a Gothic/Alternative person, you may be looking for something unique and unconventional to gift your Mother/gift recipient this year! That's why we've put together this Mother's Day buying guide to help you find the perfect gift for your Gothic/Alternative Mum (even if they aren't, they will still be sure to love these too)!!


Jewelleryis always a good idea when it comes to gifting! But why settle for traditional, boring Jewellery when you can give them something different, edgy and gothic? At Beserk, we have a stunning collection of Gothic and Alternative jewellery that is perfect for mums and people who love to make a statement with their accessories! From coffin ringsand earrings to spiderweb and knife necklaces, the range of options online is wide and varied so you'll find something that they will be sure to love, regardless of their style!! 


Clothing+ Accessories

If your mum loves Alternative/Unique fashion, surprise her with some new pieces of clothing. Whether it's a luxurious Foxblood dress or a new cardigan, our collection of clothingat Beserkhas something for everyone! You can even pair a new piece of clothingwith some edgy accessorieslike belts, hats, hair accessories, sunglasses and so much more to complete the look!


Beauty + Self Care products

If your mum/gift recipient loves experimenting with makeupand loves some  beauty and self care products, then our range of Beauty products at Beserkis perfect for them! From bold lipsticks, brilliant bath bombs to black nail polish and lucious lotions, we have a wide range of options to choose from for everyone! 

Homewares and Decor

For people who love to decorate their homes with Gothic and Alternative Homewares and decor, our collection of home decor items is perfect for them and their gifts! From skull-shaped candles to gothic picture frames, we have a wide range of options to choose from!

Hobbies + Interests

All of us are so different! We all have different Hobbies and Interests and so do our mums!! Whether yours just happens to be a Fur or Pet mama or maybe they're more into plants, booksand self indulgence! Whatever they love, at Beserk, we will have something just for them! 

In conclusion, at Beserk, we have plenty of unique and unconventional gift ideas for Gothic/Alternative mums and everyone in between!! Whether it's jewellery, clothingand accessories, beauty and self care products, home decor, or things for hobbies and interests, we have something for everyone! The most important thing is to show your mum or mother figure, how much you love and appreciate them this Mother's Day! Shop with us and surprise your mums and mother figures with the perfect gothic/alternative gifts!

Happy Mother's Day and stay spooky!! 

- Beserk xx 

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