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With winter approaching rapidly and the cold winds biting, you might be wondering “how can I keep up my alternative style whilst protecting myself from what Mother Nature has planned?” Well luckily for you, we have new KILLSTAR in stock – and you should be just as stoked about it as we are! These two new collections; “ALT CORE” and the “VELOUR & CHILL COLLECTION” are perfect for facing the cold whilst out and about, or staying at home for a night in with wine and your witches!


Who doesn’t love a good pair of sweatpants? There’s no such thing as a comfy lounge-about outfit without the addition of some sweats! But that old pair you’ve been wearing for the last few years isn’t in the state to be worn out… the typical jersey fabric and worn out colour isn’t on par with your alternative summer wardrobe!

Don’t lose hope! Now we can take this ideal state of comfort, and transform it into something fashionable, dark, and warm – without losing any of the lounge-ability factor that you’re used to! Behold, every goths new winter holy grail! The DAZED JOGGERS by KILLSTAR!

These velour joggers are super chill but ready to kill! Take your casual looks to the next level with the effortlessly cool 'Dazed Joggers’; featuring elasticated cuffs, drawstring waistband, pockets, and finished with a luxe velour. Easy-to-wear anytime, any-day - whether you’re cruising the streets or snoozing in your crypt!

Up for something a little for fancy? May we introduce you to the ‘Lounge Lizard Velvet Flares’! Constructed using a luxe soft-touch velour which stretches perfectly for the ultimate fit! Features KILLSTAR embroidery to the back, extra length and generous flares. Perfect for your everyday errands, lunch with the coven or just chillin’ and killin’ time - so versatile!


Layering is one of the basics of alternative fashion - and thankfully winter makes it all the more easy! But why would you settle for your average opaque black tights and singlets when you could be doing so much more!

Thank Baphomet for KILLSTAR, the deluxe velvety goodness of the velour joggers and flares also comes in bike shorts! Perfect for layering under your favourite witchy skirts and dresses, or just for lounging about next to the heater! The cold weather around the corner that would usually make you say a sad goodbye to your torn and transparent midi skirts or short collar dresses is no match for the ‘Moon Cycle Bike Shorts’!

These bike shorts would work perfectly layered under the Nix Maxi Skirt - the cold is no match for you! Layering will allow you to continue rocking your favourite pieces throughout winter - pay no heed to lowering temperatures! Don’t think that you’re still only able to wear longer skirts and pants - the beautiful finish of these bike shorts means that having them peak out from under a shorter skirt would look just as good! Don’t think for a second that layering starts at the waist and ends at the ankles - you can do more than just wear a jumper on your top half when the winter winds hit! Let’s start with the first layer...

The ‘Just Cropped Up Bralet’ is a must-have staple piece which can complete any dark look. Constructed using a super-soft, super-stretchy velour fabric for the perfect body hugging fit! It looks great with literally everything - either layered under a jacket for chilling around at home, or paired with your favourite wardrobe staples to create a comfy by daring look!


What’s next? Maybe chuck on your favourite oversized ripped up t-shirt, or a transparent top - and let the velvet of the bralet shine through! Alternatively, cover up for the super cold days by pairing up with the ‘Fester Hoodie or ‘Just Crew-Sin Velvet Hoodie’! Look effortlessly cool whilst staying comfortable. Both hoodies are constructed using a luxe soft-touch velour which stretches perfectly for the ultimate fit! Features KILLSTAR embroidery to the back, long sleeves and an oversized hood. Paired with the velour sweatpants, you can create an effortlessly comfortable, cozy and creepy but cool alternative style tracksuit fit! You’ll stand out for sure.


Contaband Denim Shorts


Don’t say goodbye to summer too fast! Winter approaching doesn’t mean that you are only able to wear long sleeves and hoodies with scarves and jeans. Refer to Step 2: layering is the trick you need to implement! Opaque tights with fishnets can keep you just as warm as a pair of pants, so why not pair this combo with your favourite shorts to put a summery twist on a deceptively warm outfit? Example one; this outfit combo featuring the ‘Contraband Denim Shorts’ from KILLSTAR’S new Alt-Core lookbook! Paired with the chunky ‘Stigmata Combat Boots’, a warm beanie and an oversized top, this fit over the two-tights combo will keep you warm and in fashion this winter!

Want to add a more gothic twist? Just add a harness! We’ve just started stocking the awesome statement harness of your dreams; “Eternal Eclipse”! Add some lunar spice to your accessory collection - 'Eternal Eclipse' harness comes in a soft vegan leather, with an extra large moon-charm hanging from a connecting choker style front and adjustable straps. Add onto any outfit to create instant drama.


Winter is no match for you now! You’re all rugged up and still looking goth as ever in your all velvet sweats and layers upon layers! Just make sure that you don’t forget about your makeup… this is the cherry on top that is sure to tie together the goth winter look of your dreams! It should be criminal to dress up in velvet and chains with a bare face… we can help you out with this too thanks to Rude Cosmetics!


Rude Cosmetics Corrector Wheel

One problem that many face come winter is skin discoloration due to the cold! Rude Cosmetics has you covered with the ‘Fabulous Concealer Wheel’, to help fight off those dark spots, under eye circles and redness. Apply before foundation to create the perfect canvas for a full face!


Party Animal Eyeshadow Pallettes

Combat the dull grey of your winter surroundings, and stand out with the ‘Party Animal Eyeshadow Palettes’, available as a set or individually! Rude Cosmetics is catering to everyone, with your choice between, warm tones, cool tones, glitters and bright pigments!

Feeling a bit more daring? Test your limits with the ‘City of Neon Lights’ and ‘City of Pastel Lights’ palettes - these are not for the faint of heart!

Alternatively, restock on the necessary neutrals with the ‘Fairytale Palette’, featuring 19 shimmers and 15 matte colours - to keep you covered on all bases!

Keep up the colour with the ‘City of Flashing Lights Retractable Eyeliner collection - available in 6 neon colours! Not bright enough for you? Sparkle and shimmer in the winter sun with the ‘Gimme Glitter Eyeliner’ collection - available in 8 shiny shades! There’s plenty more colourful concoctions available now with Rude Cosmetics! Check them out for yourself!


The cold of winter is never kind to our faces, leaving our lips chapped and skin begging for hydration. Rude Cosmetics has you covered with the ‘Serum of Love Hydrating Serum’, which will help boost your skin to be healthier, smoother, and more youthful.

Make your lip balm more effective by exfoliating your lips with the ‘Renew My Lips Lip Exfoliator’, available in mint, strawberry and vanilla flavours! Yum…

Alternatively, try out the ‘Scrubski and Balmer Lip Scrubs’, available in fresh mint, grapefruit, juicy peach, and orange flavours!


Your face is hydrated, lips moisturised, body warm and damn… you look good! KILLSTAR and Rude Cosmetics are here for you this cold season, and so are we! Let us know what winter necessities you’re adding into your cart!

Beserk xx

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