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Get Spooky and Win Big with Beserk's Halloween Fortune Cookies!

Hello Beserkers! Happy Tuesday! As some of you may know, Halloween is right around the corner, and we are here to make it spooktacular with a thrilling treat that's bound to send shivers down your spine, Halloween Fortune Cookies! But that's not all; each of these eerie cookies has the potential to turn your Halloween into a real treat by giving you a chance to win a share of $500 worth of Beserk vouchers. That's right, folks, your fortune awaits!

Unwrap the Mystery Inside Each Cookie! - 

As you indulge in these vanilla-flavored delights baked to perfection, don't forget to check your fortune to see if you've won! It's like a trick-or-treat surprise that could lead you straight to a treasure trove of goodies from the Beserk website. What could be better than that?

Prizes That Will Make Your Halloween Special! - 

At Beserk, We are spreading the Halloween love with some fantastic prizes up for grabs. Here's what you could win:

  • 1 x $200 Voucher: A treat worthy of the spookiest night of the year!
  • 4 x $50 Vouchers: Perfect for grabbing some Halloween essentials!
  • 5 x $20 Vouchers: A little something to make your day extra special!

Imagine winning one of these vouchers and picking out your favorite spooky, cute, or unique items from our website. It's like having your very own Halloween shopping spree!

A Bite of Pure Halloween Joy! - 

Our Halloween Fortune Cookies aren't just delicious; they're also a feast for the eyes! These blood-red cookies are the perfect addition to your Halloween festivities. Their vibrant color sets the stage for a truly haunting experience for all!

But what's a Halloween Fortune Cookie without some eerie predictions? We have got you covered with fortunes that will give you the chills:

  • "Creep it real this Halloween!"
  • "If you've got it, haunt it!"
  • "Ghosts, goblins, monsters & more will come walking through the door!"

These spine-tingling fortunes will add a touch of mystery and fun to your Halloween celebrations. Share them with friends and family and see who gets the most hauntingly accurate prediction!

Made in Australia, 100% Vegan! - 

At Beserk, our commitment to quality extends to their Halloween Fortune Cookies. These delectable treats are proudly made in Australia, ensuring the highest standards of taste and freshness. Plus, they are 100% vegan, so everyone can enjoy them guilt-free!

Get Your Halloween Fortune Cookies Today! - 

Don't miss out on the chance to win big and add some Halloween magic to your celebrations. Head over to our website and grab a pack of Halloween Fortune Cookies. Who knows, one of these cookies might just lead you to the Beserk shopping spree of your dreams!

Whether you're dressing up as a ghost, a witch, or a zombie, our Halloween Fortune Cookies are the perfect treat for your spooky night. So, creep it real, indulge in some delicious cookies, and let fate decide if you're the lucky winner of a Beserk voucher.

Happy haunting! xx 

- Beserk xx 

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